Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 24th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Devi Parvati very angry and ready to leave Kailash. Devi Ganga says that she had no intention of taking her pplace and Mahadev belongs to Parvati and if anyone should leave it should be herself that is Ganga

But this does not pacify Parvati devi she says that list time I was not aware of hurting you but this time if you come in my path then even awareness will not stop me . Ganga says that she will always try to stop her from leaving kailash and the thought of harm coming to her cannot stop her. Ganga ji disappears.

Parvati starts to leave. Mahavdev tries to stop but she does not. She says she is leaving by her own free will and only she will decide when she will stop or where.

Indra comes to Brmhadev and asks

whats going on. Devi Parvati was becoming normal but now again suddenly she is angry again. All the devtas assemble near Mahadev. Mahadev says that this is the impact of trying to control Parvati and if I will do so again it will be backfire with even worst outcomes.

Indra gets very scared that none of them are trying to stop her so he decides to try on her own

The two Aghoris are happy tghat Parvati is becoming uncontrollable again.

One of them says lets go and catch her. The first one says no ; she is Adi Shakti, no one can catch her and if anyone will try he will be the biggest fool. More someone will try to catch her more uncontrollable will Parvati become and we will be able to better control her. We need such a fool

Devi Ganga goes and tells everything to Kartikeya. He leaves for Kailash.

At Kailash everyone tries to stop Parvati Devi. Nandi falls at her feet but she doesn’t stop. Then Kartikeya tries but she doesn’t stop

Indra appears in front of Parvati and says that she cannot leave like that . That she in Mother nature. Taking care of the world is her responsibility

This seemed to anger Parvati devi even more. She tells Indra that if he tried to stop her with lecture on her responsibilities the result will not be good for him. Indra vanishes from there

Two Asurs are talking about the situation. One of them says lets catch Parvati and bring us here so that our Ambitions will be fulfilled. The other tries to stop him but the first does not listen

Bramha dev tells Narad that Indra has angered Devi Parvati even further and now these two Asurs will anger her so much that eighth form of Dasham Mahavisyas will be invoked and will be present till eternity and will be used in Tantra

The two Asurs come in front of Parvati and tell her to come with them. One of them says that they are not giving her any alternative and she has to do as they say

Parvati looks at them angrily and a light emerges from her the Asurs are not able to bear the light

Mahadev and Bramhadev do stuti of this form of devi and say its Mahadevi Baglamukhi. Devi Baglamukhi appears. Her form is like Durga.

Precap Mahadev says that devi baglamukhi is the slayer of enemies and this form of Devi will be worshipped to kill enemies.

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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