Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mata starring towards tree. Mahadev comes and encourages her. Mata says, last time my courage bring me here but this time, i come here because of your wordings. you said that this our love is like this tree. Rohitang is trying to destroy this tree but i know that if storm will come then it will destroy soon, I know rohitang and shankchur will come to attack on kailash but i am ready. Mahadev says, rohitang is my son and rohitang will know soon about his life motive and on another side, shankchur will remember his last life. He will go to under narayan but after all of this, war will happen. We both together fight against them. Mata says, i alerted to shankchur and if he will then also attack on kailash then i will not leave him. due to this war, tulsi will affected. Mahadev says, tulsi will divert this war. mata says, i will meet with tulsi before war. Tulsi comes then rohitang says, i remember my oath. TUlsi says, in that time, his war has some motive but this time, he doesnt have any motive. I am really worried. He should not take this decision. rohitang says, we cannot defeat mahadev by power and i am thinking about it. I will get it soon. tulsi says, how will you do it. Rohitang says, somebody will help me and i assure you that he will not hurted but remember that dont let him go on battle field.
Kartikaye comes with Gann. Asur laugh on them. then war begins. Gann and kartikaye defeats asur. Tulsi see a dream
and get worried. Mata parvati arise in front of tulsi. Tulsi says, i dont know mata, i should gets happy but i am not. I am getting like that something bad will happen. Mata parvati says, we all respect about your satitva. You are power of shankchur and your satitva always saved him, but this time you have to give exam. Wife should not accept
his husband wrong decision. wife should guide his husband. wife didnt think that his husband will get angry. I alerted to shankchur but he didnt take it serious. Mata then disappears. Asur senapati informs to shankchur that kartikaye is getting heavy on us.
Rohitang moves on earth and thinks about mata conversation. Rohitang says, maa i need you, only you can guide. Rohitang calls mata but she doesnt appear, then rohitang says, maa you said that you always with me but you are supporting your God. When you are not supporting me then who will support me. When person will be in illness then he calls maa. I should control my words but you know me so please come back maa. I want to know my main motive of my life. Mata dharti arises then rohitang says, i think that you will not come. You have rejected your son due to mahadev.
Mata says, how will maa reject his son, unless he always saves his son and he always fulfill duties. Rohitang says, my son calls me only for love. His love only for me, i dont know where is his love gone? Rohitang says, i want to take revenge? So please tell me whether you are with me or not. Please tell me where will i gone. Mata doesnt say anything. Mata then says, I was support you but whenever you move your feet ahead against mahadev then you will destroy me.

Precap:- Rohitang says, now i will dont say anything maa. i will meet you after this war whether with life or else dead.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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