Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with brahma ji and narad waiting for wake up of narayan. Mahadev also appears there. Mata laxmi says, will swami wake up from sleep? mahadev says, no. but something special happened in rohitang’s life, so for that reason, we all stay together. Narad ji says, now rohitang will hear about another story.
Biblarth tells the story of shivling to rohitang. Biblarth says, vindhyachal thinks that he is really tallest in the world. Then narad ji says, i know you are but i am little bit confused but i want to say something. Vindhyachal ask, who is tallest? Narad ji says, meru parvat. Vindhyachal says, guide how will i become tallest. Narad ji says, i cannot see your state. It is only possible when you will get boon. Vindhyachal assures that i will worship. Then vindhyachal worship to mahadev. Narad ji says to mahadev, prabhu, i have guided to vindhyachal to worship you, have i dont right or wrong. Mahadev says, yes, you have done right. Mata ask, what happened later. Mahadev says, vindhyachal worship to become tallest. But if he will become tallest then nature’s combination goes in wrong path. So i will guide him.
Rohitang says, what will mahadev done? I think he had not given boon to him. Had mahadev given boon to him?
Biblarth says, mahadev arise in front of vindhyachal. vindhyachal says, i want to become tallest. Mahadev says, but why? Vindhyachal says, if you dont want to give me boon then i will again worship you. Just give me boon that i will decide my size of my own. Mahadev says, i will give this boon but always think, dont misuse this boon. Rohitang says, how will mahadev has given boon to him. Biblarth says, now its time for sunset, we will meet tomorrow. Rohitang says, i will hear this story right now. Biblarth says, we think that we can do anything after getting something. Vindhyachal didnt think the use of boon and become so tallest and mata prithvi cannot lift the weight of vindhyachal. All devta tells his problem. mata says, now its time to correct it. Devta says, what happened next? Mahadev says, let vindhyachal more tallest.
Narad ji comes and traps into his views then vindhyachal says, i want to grow tallest than mahadev.
Vindhyachal grows tallest and see the rudraksh. Vindhyachal see and thinks that i am nothing in front of this rudraksh. Rohitang gets worried and says,how it is possible rishi biblarth, this universe survive in mahadev.
Biblarth says, i cannot believe why you search mahadev, narayan and brahma ji.
You always says that you know the difference between but i cannot exactly difference. For letting down vindhyachal proud, mahadev arise in front of him.

Precap:- Mahadev says to mata laxmi ji that time wheel starts, here indra says about his revenge from nigas.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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