Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansa tells Mahadev that he needs to be answerable to all as his begin Mahadev is the debate point..Mahadev asks what is it that she seeks?
Mansa tells that everyone seeks the truth, either everyone should be gods and prayed or no one should be prayed.

Mahadev asks what is all for..? Mansa tells that the next time a daughter doesn’t need to beg her father for her rights, to liberate everyone from the slavery of deity’s prayer. Mahadev tells that everyone feels the same is it slavery n subjugation as devotion is synonymous to liberation..
Mansa debates with Mahadev over liberation and tags devotion and such things as conquest..why liberation is ever needed?
Mahadev explains to her that liberation itself tells abt conquest of ones own desires, and endless wishes..sin n puny conquest of…moh maya- subjugation of birth n death..Mansa questions then why is there need for subjugation …Mahadev replies that for even birth one needs parents.

The quest is not on our interdependency, the important thing is the importance of each n every entity in world..which makes teh world move ahead…she can ignore subjugation, but that won’t make the truth alter…its always there forever- it brings the medium of contentment n happiness. The one who ignores teh truth stays miserable and who chooses delusions would forever keep running in search of the truth, and the irony is they dnt know what they seek. The truth is she is a divine entities and so is everyone..after birth they all have assumed that they are humans..and this is the cause of their pbs.
They all are unparallelled..they have defined their definition ..thinking the body- as their truth, they made fear, cheating, greed, insecurity as the support of their lives…why is their alteration in devotion..cause they always seek in devotion..but in reality devotion is unconditional.

It always gives and often fulfilling the love, without any restriction. One of he devotes seek forgiveness from Mahadev..and so do everyone. They made devotion a business seeing gain n lose in that too. They wish to redeem their sin…

Indr says to dev guru that only Mahadev could have straighten this…but the guru tells that real pb is still intact..she still has that opposition for devtas. Indr says Mahadev would cajole her in accepting things..and even then if she doesn’t listen then she’d be the victim of his anger. But the wise guru tells not to mess wtith Mahadev’s Manas putri and she is more powerful than them all combined together.

Mansa refuses to budge..if she is the divine child, then its unfair that she is not prayed by anyone. Mahadev explains her that divinity can’t be forced in someone…its in born- the 5 elements, and sun n diety doesn’t live for themselves..their greatness is they live for others n give their services..Even then the devtas are destroyed n see down selfishness, greed etc plague them..even they get destroyed cause of these negative things. It all depends on their behavior..if it wouldn’t have for this..all the asurs would have been in Indra’s league..wont great asuras like Prahlad be in the place of Indr.
Mansa says its ckear that she wishes to be a goddess..(as if its some fancy car or estate she is asking..!)
Mahadev questions that if she wishes to be a goddess..the first quest is for what reason?
If she thinks becoming a goddess she can get someone pray her…she retorts that she is his Mansputri..his Ganesh n Kartikeya..
Mahadev states that even Ashoksundari is his daughter then why did she never feel the same?
Mansa justifies that she is different (indeed she is)
Just by having a wish of being a goddess doesn’t qualify, she can be one..says Mahadev.
Mansa replies that every ansh has different wishes..she can’t destroy her wishes..she seeks the medium of her existence ..and she wishes to accomplish them.
Mahadev tells patiently that wishes can be right to wrong..dream can be a dream indeed…self realization can be destructing. .she says she earnest in knowing her reason of existence. As her her dad who got her up taught her that wrong wishes never lead anywhere.
Mahadev says fine, if shes wishes it..she can, but she needs to prove herself that she is worth praying..Mansa accepts this.
On asked Mahadev tells her that she needs to chose any one devote of his and turn him/her as her own devote.
And if she succeeds she can become a deity..but he/she should by their own free will become her devote. Mansa leaves.
Parvatidevi is annoyed n so is everyone on Mansa’s behavior.

Kartikeya says that Mansa’s state of mind is such that she can go any extent to prove herself.
Mahadev tells that Mansa has no clue on the power of devotion..the moment she understands it she’ll know her mistake. Her self realization journey starts from here.

Parvati ma feels Mahadev would tell her abt Bhilini n his promise of marriage…Mahadev goes to her..he tells that he has left his he has to go back…she says that devote seem to be some great devote..Mahadev seconds to it and says that he has promised her till the time she asks him to leave, he’d stay with her. Parvati ma is troubled.. Mahadev asks if she has something to say, she says no…Parvati ma too asks the same quest to him, in a hope that he’d tell her abt Bhillini.

Mahadev tells he has nothing to hide from her..but now he has to go to his devote..Parvati ma is super hurt that he hid the truth of promising marriage to Bhilini,.Now she getting to know her place..

Precap: Mansa goes to one of Mahadev’s great bhakt, she tries to convince Chandr dhar to leave Mahadev’s devotion n become her devotee.

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