Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd November 2013 Written Update

Mahananda takes Vishyanath to her place… she asks the other kids if they have practiced the steps she taught them as she is gonna put a test. She then introduces them to Vishyanath and shares that he has given her the precious Shiv ling… she silently prays Mahadev that she should have the strength to keep those girls protected and keep them away from the darkness which her life is stuck in.

Indr at Swarg vexed with asura’s acts.. he then thinks of a way which resolves the issue.. as all the things started cause of Daytmata, so it will be straightened by Devmata- Adii. He tells Indr that she is in penance.
Brihaspati reminds him that he never remembered his mother ..will she ever help him?
Indr says that his mother ought to help him. Brihaspati warns him of the potential trouble he is gonna invite doing so..

Mahananda teaches classical dance to the gals..where two of the others come with a veena with broken string.. seeing Mahananda busy, they go to Vashyanath and seek help.. he puts on the string..where Mahananda explains the crux of music “To create music in life, like both the end of the string one need to accept bondage.. then the music comes.. if the tension is more the string breaks and if the tension is less the music can not be created – thus their should be just amount- balance of it.”
Then Vashyanath plays the veena..(the title track) hearing this Mahananda is in a state of bliss.

She appreciates the music- saying that she felt Mahadev in every rhythm- it was indeed divine for her.

Indr goes to his mother only to hear her say what Brihaspati said him earlier.. Aditi asks what the catch, her memory wouldn’t have had dragged him there. Indr chapofyes a dialogue that when a child is in trouble it gets reminded of its mother. Aditi says is not fair that a child remembers it mother only during testing times.

Indr says his sob story of how Mahadev was unjust towards them by giving asuras the free entry to swarg. There is no difference btw swarg n nark. he rants the asuras..

At Kashi everything seems to work well for Ripunjay. He is glad to see the progress and abundance of his place… he also asks if they are not happy as he has banned prayers..his supporters say that there are always some sulky souls. He boosts how hard work can do wonders and how devotion is a sheer waste of time. He is determined to make Kashi the best state.

At Kailash mata Parvati awaits for Mahadev, she asks Mahalaskhmi devi how long would she be waiting for Mahadev to come back..and asks her to go as its late. When Mahadev realizes her loneliness he’d come back.

Mahananda prepares for his dinner, inquires if he ahs any favorite- he says anything she makes with a pure soul. Then she appreciates Vishyanath for being such decent, kind and helping man he is.. how all his indriyan (senses) are controlled.. how calm he is.. she sees a glint of those divine pure rishi would be with their serenity and power of penance. How he is selfless – how he gave away the invaluable shiv ling without any argument. She says that he is not Vashynath, the one who is adorned with karam.

She feels extremely fortunate to be meeting such divine n pure one in his life.

Mahalaskhi devi feels guilty that she has increased Parvati devi’s loneliness.. even after his warning. Vishnuji and Naradji try to do some damage control..

A man inquires for Vashynathji who happen to stay there n he needs to meet him for some business purpose.. she takes the man to Vashynath..and prepares for his meal.

Mahadev knows that its Naradji and welcomes him (without even looking at him), Naradji is surprised, yet who better than Mahadev would know abt him.

He says Narayan has a wish that he should know abt Parvati devi’s plight. And apart from that, whatever is happening in Kashi and Swarglok, he knws them all along with their perils. Why even after knowing all these instead of taking part in to stop them..why has he sorted to protect a ganika?

Naradji begs apology for being skeptical, critical and limited seeing his act when all these things are happening.

Its the duty of a vishv vedya(doctor) to treat the poisons of society.. any pb is not small or big.. the perspective for it does matter. Nothing can change the fate.. even Mahakaal can’t. Saying so he clears Naradji’s doubts.

Indr seeks help from his mother to get them rid of them. She says he thinks that daytys are the reason for this problem. Indr tells somewhere the mistake was done from both the sides.. Aditi inquires.. must have happened or has happened?

Indr blurts, it has happened!
Mahadev observes all this.
She tells only Mahadev can help them, Indr replies that its just cause of his boon. He tries to convince her and she does get convinced and suggests him apart from Mahadev only Mahadev adi shakti can help she too is a mother, and she’d surely understand a mother’s plight.

Parvati devi instructs Ganesh that they have to help devtas get rid of asuras at swarga.. they would be facing many hindrances but he need to stand strong against them all.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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