Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Narad telling Mahadev that Usha has a positive impact in Banasur and that he tried to defeat his alter ego. Mahadec saus he does not want anyone to interfere with Quality time he spends with Usha

Banasur Is playing with Usha bani cones there and feels he will throw her and takes her away. Banasur gets angry. Mahadev tells Narad that her fears are fine but not her behaviour, bansur behaves week when he us with Usha but bani has to understand that, it’s her journey . Soon she will cause war between shiv and Shakti

Banasur gets very upset and starts to destroy things and Bani treks him this is what she had feared. That he will become uncontrollable and harm Usha

Banasur in anger burns the room then realises fire will burn Bani and Usha then he puts off the fire . Bani says does he now also thinks he won’t harm Usha. Banasur says he behaved this way for fear of loosing Usha. Bani says Usha is not safe here she will take her away. Bansur pleads with her not to do so but she does not listen and goes. Banasur is shattered

Ganesh asks Mahadev is there no alternative to war between you and mother??? Mahadev says no bani has taken Usha away. This is start of war.
Kartikeya asks till when will he protect Banasur. Mahadev says till his mistakes don’t turn into crime

Banasur is sitting in a sad state, his alter ego cones there and provokes him to find bani and fight her protector and get Usha back. Banasur is influenced by evil again

Banasur sends soldiers to find bani and blames Mahadev for not telling him this will halogen. He comes to know bani is in indralok. He attacks indralok and aims at becoming trilokadhipati

Kartikeya is preparing for war. Ganesh asks him Mahadev will be on Banasur side is it right if you to fight. Kartikeya says I am dev senapati and it’s my dharma . Mahadev tells him to do his dharma but he may soon have to take a tough decision . Kartikeya says he won’t seek blessings but Mahadev blesses him to be victorious

Bansur and Indra’s Army are on battle field. Banasur insults Indra and says lot of proudy words

Kartikeya arrives they exchange angry looks

missed precap

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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