Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev says to mata parvati, i am worried about only one thing that his angriness is wounded him and it is not good for him as well for me. Narad ji says to bhram dev, in uneducation, people cannot accept truth. He doesnt know that he is going to wrong path. bhram dev says, only some person can accept truth and now he will face another situation. Mata prithvi arise in front of rohitang and calls him. Rohitang surprisingly says, who has done this. Mata says, be calm son. Rohitang says, please tell me, who has done this of my mother. Mata prithvi says, its all happened due to absense of narayan and i am present only due to mahadev because if mahadev will not present then whole world will destroy. mahadev controlled the whole world. Rohitang thinks about mahadev statement and says, what will i do, will i surrender in front of mahadev. Mata prithvi says, i just want to say that mahadev has saved me. I am your mother but when i see angriness in you then i cannot control myself because i know that it is destroying yourself. Rohitang says, i am feeling alone, you have said me that you are with me forever. I will definitely take revenge of my brother’s death. War is begun and it will end too. Dev raj indra gives thanks to pushp dant and says, i didnt get any order from dev guru or mahadev also wasnt present but now he return back. Devta says, will we go to kailash. Dev raj says, we have to hire some person who kill shankchur. Pushp dant says, i will kill him. I can easily kill him. Dev raj gets happy and says, its really near to become dev raj again.
Mata does meditation and see herself as kali mata. Mahadev arise and says, parvati. Mata parvati then hugs him and says, i am getting clue of becoming kali at kailash. Mahadev says, some new circular will running. One devotee will return to kailash and another devotee will also realize about his God and some will start the whole cycle and in middle, rohitang will present. This whole cycle will end by war which will give moksha to everybody.
Shankchur says, i knew that we cannot defeat mahadev. Rohitang says, everybody says after defeat. Shankchur says, i am not backstepping but i am just saying that you are great warrior and you and me can defeat anybody. Rohitang says, i can know control whole world like tridev. Shankchur says, now swarg in on us. So now we have to make plan about war against mahadev. Rohitang says, no maharaj, devta know that mahadev return back and we should be more careful. Where is your guard. You should be more careful.
Guards disappears while rohitang moving towards his room. Dev raj indra tries to kill shankchur. Rohitang saves shankchur and beat him. Rohitang says, what i said to you maharaj, devta will definitely attack on us.

Dev raj says, it is war between goodness and bad. Devraj disappear from swarg. rohitang says, i know indra, you have gone towards kailash, but i will definitely kill mahadev.

Precap:- Nigas moves towards kailash and mahadev kills nigas.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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