Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 21st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahishi trying to attack Bhramari devi who is out of control and oblivious to her presence. Suddenly Devi Mohini appears and says I cannot hurt you but that does not mean I cannot injure you. See who am i? Mahishi sees Narayan in herand vanishes. Mohini Devi tells Devi tells Devi Bhramari that I need not give you my identity , you know me sice beginning of time. Bhramari devi remembers times when she has spoken to her brother Narayan. Mohini says to get back into your form you have to complete this journey and I have come in this form to help you in this journey.

Mohini and Bhramari devi go to a secluded spot where Mohini puts a shield around them and bothe meditate. Mahishi starts killing Sadhus and asks them where has Mohini taken Bhramari devi At khsheer sagar Btamha ji says that time has come for a new creation . Sarawati ji says to Lakshmi ji without her acceptance this great work would not have been possible. Devi Lakshmi says its her good fortune to become a part of this leela of Mahadev and Narayan. Branha says every one is happy accept Indra At the meditation spot Bhramari devi calms down a bit but she
cannot come back into her form till Mahishi has her bhramaras..
Mahadev and Mohini have telepathic conversation in which Mahadev tells her that without her help it wouldn’t have been possible to calm Bhramari devi. Mohini says that she has taken this form to fulfill her duti
and she will do it

Devi bhramari calms down but she becomes aware of Mahishi and what all she is doing and starts becoming angry again. She says to Mahadev that its time to start the process to kill Mahishi Mohini realizes that and says to her that you must not get angry. She says to Mahadeb that time has come for ius to do our duty and Devi Parvati has ggiven her acceptance Indra comes to meet Mahadev and says that when you have decides than I cant do anything but have you thought of the consequences.  Jalhandar was your ansh and Andhak also and we had to face so much problem because of them. This child will be an Ansh of both you and Narayan . What if he became uncontrollable .
Mahadev says that we have always been responsible for our
actions and we will be in the future. Madev swirls his trishul.The universe experiences positivity.Nandi asks Ganesh what it is? Ganesh says it’s the positive energy of world welfare Mahishi also experiences it. She says that Gods are trying to defeat her but they wont succeed Btamhaji says Mahishi has also realized that her end is near At the meditation spot Bhramari devi smiles and says to Mohini Devi go fulfill your duty

Precap: Lord shiva in meditation. Mohini dancing in fromt of

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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  1. i love this show veryyyyyy much and thi episode is also awesm like all the episodes and i like the new tune when mohini episode was started but unfortunately i m unable to get and to download tune…. could you plz tell me how can i get that awsm tune pleaseeeeeee 🙂

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