Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mata says to mahadev that devta doesnt think that his demotion will make him progress and by this asur will not progress due to this. Mahadev says, anybody demotion will not progress for another person but i dont know why will people think it will make them progress. people will think that if they will harm somebody then they will get enjoyment and asur does the same. asur didnt see in his heart and didnt think that they had done mistake. They always think that tridev and devta did wrong with them and whenever they want some boon then they have misuse it.
Rohitang says, we will unite and by get together , nobody can defeat us. Mahadev says, rohitang doesnt know that asur’s problem is in asur and if he will kill the reason then he will become a successful ruler of asur. Then only he will complete his task of life but he concretated on reason then he couldnt find result and asur will not progress. asur will again get demotion, they think that i will not let him rule on swarg. Asur only give importance to present and past but if they will think on present then they can progress.
Kartikaye says to devraj, i have completed my task and now i am going to kailash. Devraj gives thanks to kartikaye. rishi says to devraj, we have acquired weapons but asur also got a warrior and our weapons is waste for him. Devraj says, what kind of boon given to him by brahma dev. Kartikaye thinks about mahadev conversation.
Asur says to rohitang, how we will unite. rohitang says, if we are more power from other and our task is for asur progress then they will support us, so tell me who is more powerful in asur. Dev kampan says, tund is more power ful in all asur.
Here tund beats asur. Tund says, now its time to attack on swarg and i will rule on trilok. kartikaye takes blessing from mata parvati. Mata hugs kartikaye. kartikaye says, whenever i go away from you then i feel alone. mata says, kailash is also alone without you. Your father doesnt say anything but he thinks all the time to you. Ganesh ji comes and hug to kartikaye and says, i also waits for you. i dont know, it feels that everything is gone, lets go and take blessing from father. kartikaye thinks about his conversation and says, no ganesh, how will i confronts him, i have oppose his decision, i dont know why will i oppose him. devta done yagya and asur gets warrior whose body is made of weapon free. i have done mistake. Ganesh ji says, lets say sorry to father. Kartikaye says, i cannot confronts him. mahadev calls him and says, why you hesitate to meet me, my son.
Kartikaye takes blessing from mahadev. Mahadev says, if i want to stop you then i can order you but i want that you learn from your mistake. Kartikaye says, i cannot forgive myself for this mistake. I can stop this yagya and you have tried to inform me. I have fulfil the duties of nayak but i cannot fulfil the duties of son. Mahadev says, i am happy to see that you have fulfil your duties brilliantlly.
Here tund anchored asur and says, i can win alone but i want that everybody will be part of this win. Rohitang says, swarg win is so apart, first of all, beat me. tund says, you have called your death. tund laugh on rohitang and says, learn some thing from your dead brother. I cannot let you live after this war.
Tund attack on andhak and rohitang defend it. Rohitang laugh on tund and says, so you are going to attack on swarg

Precap:- rohitang says to tund that i want to take revenge of my brother death thats why i came here. Rishi prays and says, rohitang and tund is going to attack on swarg.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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