Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th September 2013 Written Update

Parvati devi stands by the banks of Manasarovar, and Shiva listens to her holding by her arms.. She says that the calmness of the waters reflects hers only cause of him. He says that he did all that for his selfish reasons..but Parvati devi says her plight recalling her uncontrollable self and he had to take the Aghor roop.

Shiva says that it would have been better if he would have let her calm down by herself, Parvati inquires why is it so?
If he wouldn’t have stopped her Ganga’s destruction was certain, Mahadev replies to her and it was the only way he could have saved Ganga.

(Sudesh ji is the perfect choice for this..very fine actor)

Back at those black magician gang (sorry, dn’t know what to call

them correct me if I’m wrong), as a man happens to observe Kali devi’s idol a cranky one (baba- twin) from the gang injures the guy for eying at Kaali devi. He further tortures the guy and tells Kaali devi how he doesn’t spare a guy eying her! (crazy fellow!) This cranky one shouts that its only him who takes care of her, and he’d do it forever!

Back at the Kailash, Parvati devi rests her head on Mahadev’s lap and he tries to pacify a disturbed Parvati devi. But Shiva continues to observe those black magician gangits.

All the devtas assemble at Kailash and Shiva explains to them that though he was successful in making Parvati devi give up her Kaali roop, but not completely and if by any way she is stimulated now she will be going back to that unbalanced form again. They need to take special care of her.

Kartikeya seconds by this.

The black magicians, the cranky twin says that there is more blood yet to shed and once again mata Kaali will be unstable. One guy with weird make up gets a pot of sand which is taken from the banks of the river Ganga which was graced by Kaali devi’s foot.

The cranky twin takes it with devotion uttering her name and puts a handful of it into the Agnikund.

The sane twin informs them that this sand is gonna keep them updated of Mata’s mental status, and if its put off then it indicates that mata has calmed down which shouldn’t happen.
The cranky one adds, and if mata dances in rage the fire burns rigorously.

Parvati devi wakes up the next morning, Kartikeya supervises the ganas in preparing things ready without even having the knowledge in cooking. At that instant Parvati devi arrives and hears Nandi say that he has helped mata in cooking food and they can come up with something…

Nandi observes Parvati devi and so does everyone there, Nandi tells that they want her to rest and that they would make food for her.

Kartikeya tells Parvati devi to relax and asks Nandi to begin. Parvati devi feels touched to see this.

The black magicians never budge, especially the cranky one! They observe the fire in the Agnikund is reducing and are terrified seeing it.
The cranky one gets sentimental and freaks out. He talks to her to be unstable for him!

Parvati devi on the other hand taking her off, goes to Shiv ling and notices that there are no more flowers in the basket. And as she decides to get them, Ganga devi brings them for her.

Parvati devi goes to find out how the ganas are cooking, Nandi and Kartikeya confidently put some vegetables and stuff in the cooking pot, and one of the gana tries to make a dough of the flour and the other takes charge of the leafy veggies.

Kartikeya sees his mother and persuades her to rest, she says that she hasn’t come there to stop him from becoming a master chief err I mean cooking , but she has come there to make kheer for Shiva (she knows it if they had to make it, they’d make a soup and call it kheer..) Karyikeya informs her that they have already made the kheer and need not worry.

When asked how come the kheer is ready, Kartikeya tells her that Ganga aunt (mausi) has made it. Parvati devi is confused how can she make it when swami (Mahadev) likes to have the kheer which she makes.

Where as Ganga devi goes to Mahadev and shows her gratitude to her savior Mahadev who has always protected her, who slowed down her speed while descending from the heavens. Shiva says that it was his duty, Ganga adds that she’ll take care of Parvati henceforth.

Mahadev says that taking care and balancing are both very important, any kind of extremity will be perilous for Parvati

Mahadev comes back to the Kailash only to find the new chiefs cooking, as Parvati devi begins to move forward to serve Ganga utters that she’d do it, Parvati is taken aback and Maadev observes this. Nandi interrupts her train of thoughts saying that whichever food is insipid undoubtedly is made by them!

Nandi informs Parvati ma that whichever food is tasty it is cooked by Ganga ma and there is a special dish too. WHen Nandi invites her to eat, Parvati ma says that she is not hungry. Shiva observes this.

The Black magic gang are on the roll to excite the Kaali roop in Parvati ma.. they dance, chant.
The cranky one bangs his head to a stone..Parvati devi senses discomfort.
She sees Shiva’s forms lying on the ground. Mahadev comforts her.


They continue to excite the Kaali roop.. maahdev becomes Aghori again.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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