Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Ganeshi says to mahadev, pitaji, if we have done anything wrong then please forgive me. Mahadev says, no my son, you have just saved jotirling. Bhram dev says, rohitang thinks that he can destroy mahadev by destroying shivling but he doesnt know that jotirling is from mahadev, mahadev is not from jotirling. Mahadev says, but still there is possibility of changing of rohitang. Here rohitang gets angry and burns the village and then disappears. Dev kampan calls him.
Here nigas worship to mahadev and says, dev raj has said truth to me but now i will go to kailash. Dev raj feel guilty on his condition then musician comes and says, if i will help you then it will be honour for me. Dev raj says, you bring fruits and water for everybody. devraj says, you just sent noticification to everyone that after meal they all meet me here. Pushp dant says, then will these asur will allow you to meet with other asurs. Devraj says, give so much meal to asur so that they will go to rest.
Rohitang moves on earth and think about mahadev. Rishi biblarth comes and says, i think you are definitely out from way. Rohitang says, i said you that dont come in front of me. Biblarth says, i said you that i always want that my student again come near to me. Rohitang says, if you calls me student then why will you didnt inform me previously. Biblarth says, first of all just calm down otherwise you cannot get the answer of your question. Rohitang gets calm down. Rohitang says, how will mahadev recover back until narayan is not present. Biblarth says,
i think you think something wrong. Rohitang says, how. biblarth says, datatrey. Rohitang gets surprised. Biblarth says, everything happen by datatrey. Rohitang says, why you didnt inform me about all this. Biblarth says, you already know this. Rohitang put his sword towards biblarth. Biblarth says, you know everything but due to proud, you cannot identify anything. Biblarth says, just change your opinion. Remember all the jortirling, calling of omkar. On that time, you are free from every kind of evil. Just think , why will mahadev has ordered me to give knowledge of jotirling and they want to used your angriness in right path. Rohitang says, no my main motive is to fufil the dream of my brother. Biblarth says, give some brain to rohitang, mahadev.
Rohitang angrily again moves here and there. Mata parvati says to mahadev, swami, i can understand your feeling, you have move your hand towards rohitang but he always refuses it. you come back and narayan will also return back. But i want that rohitang will realizes his myth. Mahadev says, tridev has accepted this whole incident. Rohitang is my part and by rohitang, i will show to whole world about meaning of worship. Rohitang doesnt know the real truth and he has complete option to hate me. Rohitang gets fainted while saying, this is not the end.
Mahadev says, i am worried about rohitang that he hates me and by hating me, he is destroying himself and it is not possible for me.

precap:- Rohitang gets angry and says to mata prithvi that who has done this to you. why are you taking side of mahadev. Now war is begin and end will definitely happen.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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