Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 20th March 2013 Written Update

Shivji is remembering his Paravti van’s memories. Ganesh reminds him it’s time for food. He asks ganesh did he eat? He feeds him, Ganesh tells him let him try, as he is mother’d favourite’ll get her soon.

Jaya, Vijaya gives Parvati her cloths which are of a married woman, she asks why is everyone looking at her suspiciously? Mena comes, handles the situation, giving her different cloths. With tears in her eyes Mena says not only you but your entire Sansar has changed.

At kailash Ganesh gets ready to go to get his mother back. Asks the Ganas how does he look? Is he looking weak? Mother will say I didn’t looks after myself in her absence. Nandi gives him sweets to eat. Ganesh takes Shivji’s blessings, says mother can not forget her child. You need not worry & prepare to welcome mata. Shivji blesses him.
Mermaid sees a Deva coming in his chariot towards her eggs. She trys to stop him but her eggs are broken under running chariot. She comes out of water, is sad seeing her broken eggs which may have taken birth. Looking at the Sky she asks for justice for her loss.

Shivji is sitting on his aasan. 10 Mahavidyas, appear. They are Mahakali, Tara, Tripurasundari, Bhuvaneshwari, Tripurbhairavi, Bagala, Matangi, Chinnmasta, Dhumavati & Kamala. ( though they seem to be the Nav-Durgas) Devi Bhuvaneshwari tells him, as long as they were in Parvati, World’s balance was maintained as of Purush & Prakriti’s. Now You need to remind her everything. Till then what should we do? Shivji tell Devi Bhuvaneshvari, the Mahavidyas are responsible for protection, wealth, knowledge, Ridhhi, Sidhhi etc in this World. You all stay in Kailash’s Yoni mandal & wait for my aavanah.

Parvati is dressing up. Is about to put sindur, says mirror can not lie, why am I feeling different today? Jaya, Vijaya assures her there is nothing wrong with her. But Parvati is disturbed.
At Sea a child is born, the shield protecting the energy breaks & a baby is seen. Samudra takes the baby in his hand.
At Vaikunth, Brhmaji tells Vishnuji, Shivji’s krodhagni has taken form of a child. Informing him in such circumstances will not be right. Vishnuji agrees, says we’ll only handle this situation. This child should be given to someone good.

Parvati is making Rangoli, it turns out to be Shiv-Shakti’s dancing form. Mena & Himavan are happy, she says this indicates she’ll remember everything soon. Jaya, vijaya too agrees,saying soon she’ll remember & will know the reason for her current state.

Parvati doesn’t like her rangoli, she destroys it. Says why am I getting such thoughts? I’ll not make this Rangoli. She leaves. Himavan tells Mena, they’ll have to do Narayan’s aavahan, only he can solve this problem. Parvati remembers some figure, which is not clear. She breaks the mirror.
At Parvati van Shivji is standing near Shivpriya plant says even I am disturbed, but I know the reason & you don’t remember. I am waiting for you to remember everything.

Precap: Ganesh reaches Himavan’s palace. Seeing Paravti he thinks mother must have sensed my presence. Paravti comes towards him.
A voiceover says will Ganesh be able to remind Parvati? Vishnuji & Shivji’s face says no.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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