Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st March 2013 Written Update

Rishi Vashisht to Ganesh, being the pratham pujy so for any auspicious occasion he has to be prayed first.

So Parvati ma takes the aarti of Ganesh.
with the chants of the shloka…

\|/ tvamEva pratyaksham tatvamaasi
tvamEva kevalam kartaasi
tvamEva kevalam dhartaasi
tvamEva sarva khalvidam bhramhaaasi||
tvam saakshaath aatmaaasi nityam|| || \|/

WIth flowers showered by all upon Ganesh. Just then Kartikeya comes in and informs them about the groom’s arrival.
Mahadev Shares his moment of feeling glad & proud being the bride’s father!

All stand by the main entrance of the ashram.. where as Ganesh wonders how would his buddy look like as a groom.
They all are welcomed by the bride’s side with showers of Marigold petals..
The proud sasuma Parvati devi takes the arti of her son-in-law Nahush.
Then Parvati ma greets Nahush’s mother and turns around to Mahadev and he gestures them all to come in. (Awesome scane)

Nahush climbs the varmala dias.

Then Ganga devi and Lakshmi devi enter with the bride Ashok Sundari to the place.

AS blushes… Both the bride and the groom face each other.
She puts the garland first… and the he does. All shower petals of the flower Marigold.

Then comes the havan kund where Nahush is waiting for AS, who is brought there by her uncle (mama) Vishnu dev.
All the ceremonies start…
Now comes the turn of the father for Kanya daan.
What does kanyadan mean, an innocent Ganesh asks
Shiv explains, its the greatest a father gives away his Lakshmi like daughter to a Vishnu like groom; with a hope tthat the groom keeps his bride (daughter) happy as Narayan does to Lakshmi devi. And this faith becomes the base of a wedding.

Rishi Brigu requests Mahadev to say a word on Ashirvachan (blessings)

Shiv the father then says, “As the father of the bride I request & pray all the kind things which are responsible for the procurement of all the luxuries. Like a fruit is freed from the steam of a plant, like wise I free you from the duties of your paternal house to your in-law’s house. So I free your from all the bonds of Parental house and join you to your In-Law’s house.
I bless you be always be content with your husband in the world which is made of truth & virtues . You shall move from here to get your house to establish yourself with authority!”

Shiva then puts his daughter’s hand in Nahush’s for the kanyadan ritual.
He asks “Will you promise to maintain your relation with AS as Vishnu dev has with Lakshmi devi?
Do you so swear to keep my daughter with respect and love.”
Nahush replies “I promise to do so.”

Then the brother Kartikeya and Ganesh put puffed rice into his sister’s hands as a part of the ritual., And then the pheras begin.
Parvati ma recalls her wedding with Mahadev.
Rishis Vashisht says that now the groom will be committed with the bride.

The first vow:
“I promises to look after her with love and would be with her in sorrow and happiness. ”
Nahush repeats the same to AS.
AS says “All are witness that I give myself to you- my husband.”
Rsihi Vashist says0″ now is the tie for sindur dan.. the groom applies sindur and gives completeness to her being a married women (Suhagan)”

Ganesh hands over the sindur plate to Nahush on rishi Vashist’s gesture.
Nahush applies vermilion to AS’s fore head.

Thus the wedding is complete.
Parvati devi gets reminded of her wedding time with her Shiva.
Parvati devi and Mahadev telepathically talk… She tells him that he has fulfilled every promise he made during their wedding. its just cause of him she has sucha beautiful family, and she even got the fortune of conducting her daughter’s wedding.

Then Shiva says telepathically ofcourse, that even she had fulfilled every promise she made… and its cause of her he gt the chance of conducting kanyadan.


Nahush’s mother informs the newly wed to go to the Kuldevi puja at the forest.
The evil minded arre on their best plots.

Parvati devi tells Mahadev that Hund has attacked Nahush. thei daughter needs them!

Voice over: What will Mahadev do to save his daughter’s suhag!

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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