Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 1st April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahadev in form of Nat Bhairav explains their mistakes to rajpurohit. He says to them they have not taken care of him. Rajpurohit and his wife say that they have always taken care of him. Mahadev says but the way you talked has instilled fear in his mind about the world. They both understand and say they forgot that only physical upbringing is not important, upbringing the mind is also important. Rajpurohit says that tomorrow he will not force his son, he will instil no fear

Next day at kings palace pushpadant is putting flower on shivlinga. He says if my deviation is not true then don’t accept my flower. The shilling accept the flower. All are amazed and Narad ji says that Mahadev considers him innocent.there are two thieves there who

plan to use pushpadants devotion and innocence for their greedy means

King says to pushoadant that he was wrong in being so proud and that pushoadant is innocent. Pushpadsnts says can I stay here for a few more days in order to worship Mahadev?? King says yes,

At rajpurohits house the sarpanch and vilkefpgers come and start shouting. Rajpurohit says his son has shown improvement and will come out soon. Sarpanch says what did not happen in a day won’t happen in a moment. Ganesh ji says donor update for India Forums by Nandiniraizaada underestimate a moment, life can go in a moment. Still the saroanch keeps shouting .kalbheet comes out but just keeps standing inside the door. His father and Mahadev urge him to come out, but he is too scared. Villagers keep shouting. Slowly he comes out and sarpanch goes

Mahadev blesses kalbheet and says that he will become reason for many good things in future

At kings palace pushpadanta is going towards the temple when the two thieves come behind him and start fighting . One says king is a bigger devotee other says pushpadanta is

Pushpadanta asks them what happened??? They say we are unable to decide who is bigger devotee, one thief says I believe you are but then you should have the gold shivling with you

Pushpadanta says I don’t need any Gold shivling to prove my devotion,thieves say you spdont need but all people worship it because it’s Gold, they don’t have any regard for Mahadev nor know worship, that shivling will be better utilized by you. It’s about it’s reverence

Pushpadants says if it’s about reverence then I will bring it. Mahadev looks on

PRECAP Mahadev tells Ganesh that time has come to show the path to pushpadanta, Mahdev in disguise tells pushpadanta that he is doing wrong, pushoadanta says if I am doing wrong Mahadev will stop me

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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