Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th March 2013 Written Update
Parvati asks for the Gajara. Shocked Shivji shows ash in his hand. Parvati is disheartened. He says gajara was there, but while coming here he realized……She stops him , reminds him in absence of gajara, she’ll forget everything about him. Then he’ll have to work hard to get her memory back. He trys to explain but she asks to forgive her in advance & leaves with all 10 Mahavidyas disappearing one by one, then she herself.
At Vaikunth, Lakshmiji asks about Shivji & Parvati’s condition. Brhmaji says the 10 Mahavidyas of Parvati has left her too because, they were with her due to Shivji.
She is back at Himavan’s palace, where Mena & Himavan are discussing about Parvati who is happily living with a loving husband, compared to their other daughters who’ve turned into rivers. They are shocked seeing Paravti there at this time.
At Kailsh shivji is walking lost in Parvati’s memory. There is a storm. Ganas & Nandi are happy seeing him. Ganesh comes running to meet him. He asks Shivji he was going to decorate Kailash on their arrival. He looked after Kailash in their absence, even cooked for the ganas. He asks where is mother?
Naradji asks Vishnuji, what type of Leela has begun? How will Shivji answer Ganesh? Brhmaji says who’ll remind Mena about Paravti’s condition? Vishnuji looks at Naradji, who understands & leaves for Himavan’s palace.
Mena questions Parvati about her cloths, look, asks her about her family, her coming alone here. She says there was a storm outside so her cloths looks untidy. She goes inside looking for Jaya, Vijaya. Himavan tells Mena, she must be angry with Shivji. Mena says but she is not dressed like a married woman, I must ask her. Naradji stops her.
Here Ganesh asks about his mata. Shivji says she’s gone to your nana’s place. Excited Ganesh wants to get ready to go there. Shivji stops him saying your mother has lost her memories, has broken all the ties with us.
At the Sea, a mermaid is keeping her egg carefully covered with sand, puts stick around it to protect. Samudra comes there, says the glow on your face shows you’ll be blessed with motherhood this time.
Ganesh asks when will mother return. He says the moment her memory will be back. Ganesh says there is nothing impossible for you, just remind her. He says he himself is responsible for it. The words coming from Aadi Shakti’s mouth will be true. I can’t use my power to remind her, she herself has to open the closed doors of her heart.
At the palace Parvati asks a dasi to get clean cloths, who answers saying yes mata. Parvati gets angry hearing mata, says call me Rajkumari. Starts wondering why this place seems as if I wasn’t here since long?
Naradji explains about Parvati’s memory loss to Mena & Himavan. He tells them not to interfear in their matter or it will complicate things for them. Instruct everyone around her not to ask any questions about her husband, sons. Let the things be the way they were before her marriage. Mena says why are they being tested like this? Naradji says if Aadi Shakti has decided such an event, then there must be some thing important happening in future.
Seeing Shivji sad, Ganesh decides to do something for them.

Precap: Ganesh tells Shivji, he’ll try to get his mata back. He comes near Himavan’s palace. A voiceover says will he be successful?
Parvati is about to put Sindur, but stops.
At Parvati van, near Shivpriya’s plant Shivji says even I am eager to get you back.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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