Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bheelni puts conditions for marriage. Mahadev says Prajapati Daksh too had  rules but the result is known to you. Marriage needs love, trust, faith not rules & conditions. Bheeni sates the rules, he’ll be truthful to her, will support her in whatever
she does etc. Mahadev’s attention gets diverted on Mansa, who is addressing her followers. She promises to protect them, support them. Since no Devas have come foreword to help them, they’ll stop praying to all the Devas henceforth.

Brhmaji at Brhmalok with Naradji is watching her.

At Swarga, Indra, Brihaspati & other Devas are watching them too. Indra wants to interfere as Mansa is instigating people against Mahadev. Naradji appears there, says he aws eager to see Indra in this form after a long time. But this time Brihaspati too supports Indra. Naradji suggests they should go to Brhma Loka to get their answers.

Mansa continues, since Devas are residing securely in their respective Lokas. It’s time they all too should be like them. Either all are Devas or none becomes one.

Brhmaji tells tehm it’s not time to interfere now. Mansa needs guidance.

Diti comes there, she tells Mansa, it’s good to see her fighting, protecting others. But asking them to give up Bhakti seems like you have a motive of revenge. Mansa asks why all are not equal? Why some are weak, some are strong. Why all are not equally powerful? Diti answers, we have to see if a person is capable of being powerful or not. It’s very easy to misuse power then use it well & be humble. She doesn’t support her agenda of going against Mahadev. Mansa insists on proving herself right. She is on her way to Kailash with her followers.

Mahadev is thinking. Bheelni feels happy as Mahadev has not agreed to marry another woman. He tells her, he is married once. Soon his attemntion is on Mansa. He wants to go to Kailash immediately.  His Manas putri is misguiding his followers. Bheelni
gets demanding now, says as per his promise, he can’t go against her wish.

Vishnuji is back in Ksheer sagar. Naradji asks him, why Parvati is not able to see Manasa’s problem? Vishnuji answers, for her getting answer of her question is most important now. Out of her own will she’s chosen not to be aware of other situations.

Mansa with her followers have reached near Kailash. Ganesh, Kartikeya, Nanadi are planning to stop them. Kartikeya says it’s time to handle this Shivansh now.

Precap: Bheelni allows Mahadev to go on condition of marrying her after returning from Kailash. Mahadev agrees to marry her.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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