Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th December 2013 Written Update

Arunasur now decides on changing his strategy.
At Kailash Shivji is near the Kalpavriksh, remembers how Parvati had tied him with the Kalpavriksh in order to have him for her only. He thinks even if I am away from you, such innocent bondages will always bring me near you again & again.
Parvati is in her effort of restoring all the 5 elements, Kartikeya, ganesh, Shivji are near her. She tells Shivji, she could sense his presence near the Kalpavriksh. After this responsibility is over, she would like to be near Kalpavriksh with him again. They are discussing about how Arunasur is stuck with his memories & it depends on him to decide which path he may choose.
At Ksheersagar, seeing Bhootnath gaining over Arunasur, Lakshmiji wants

to meet Parvati & inform her about restoring 5 Tatva, may happen soon. Vishnuji tells her to wait till the entire task is over But she insists, so Vishnuji agrees. HE in a telepathic convo with Brhmaji, says knowing future is proving good for them or the entire World would be in grief by now with the expected problem.
Lakshmji is at Kailsh, tells Paravti, the Anushthan performed at 51 Shakti peethas have worked. You are glowing now. She replies it’s not mine but Swami’s Shakti, which I am using. Lakshmiji tells her but you are Shiv’s Shakti. Both are supporting each other, that’s the height of love & a perfect relationship. She takes their leave to return to Ksheersagar.
Arunasur goes to near the Sea, calls Samudra dev, asks him about where can he find Bhootnath in water element? Samudradev tells him this is against, the rules decided at the beginning of this war, he’ll not take any help. Arunasur says, rules have changed now. Since Varundev is under him, he must answer him. He is about to harm Samudradev but Bhootnath appears from water. Arunasur tells him this si his mistake. He trys to attack Bhootnath, by trapping him in a water ball. Bhootnath tells him water’s fluidity is it’s greatest quality. Stagnant water can get impure with various impurities. He breaks the water ball. Creats a wall of waves, asks Varunasur to see his past, he is stuck with those memories.
Arunasur sees himself as a child playing in water, suddenly he disappears, his mother gets worried. But he was playing, was hiding behind her. Scared mother tells him not to do so again. Then his sees his mother not answering him.
Shivji tells Parvati, Arunasur remembers how much he loves his mother but doesn’t remember, his mother loved him a lot.
Here is a fight between Arunasur looses again. Bhootnath tells him, he’ll meet him again at the same place where this game was initiated. He disappears. Samudradev appears, tells Arunasur, he’s still not realized, the person he is fighting with is beyond these sense organs. Arunasur answers he is not fighing to win or loose, he just wants to bring his mother back to life.
Arunasur is back at the temple prison of Devas. He frees Varundev. Suddenly Bhootnath appears. Arunasur warns him, he’s made a mistake. Bhootnath tells Varundev to leave immediately as a major destruction of Wind is going to begin soon. Varundev leaves.

Precap: Shivji decides to do penance to support Parvati.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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