Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 18th April 2014 Written Update

Banasura continues Mahadev ninda. Mahadev tells him that he gave him full freedom and never interfered. Banasura says very good, when you knew the negatives of this shakti why did you give it to me?
Mahadev replies that he wished to make banasura self sufficient and independent, so that he can take his decisions freely and conquer his mind. When you make decisions you don’t think of me, so I don’t interfere. But when I have to protect you, I don’t hesitate. I fulfil my promise

Ganesh tells Bhairava not to challenge Parvati, as he doesn’t know the dangerous consequences.
Bhairava says it is his duty to guard Kailasa. Parvati gets angry and says Mahadev is getting insulted and Bhairava is busy stopping Parvati. Bhairava replies that

Mahadev can never be insulted, and whoever tries shall be severely punished. Parvati gets furious and tells Bhairava to get ready to face the consequences.

Narada asks Narayana whether he won’t stop this. Narayana says this is Bhairava’s new journey, and this is why Mahadev told Parvati to remain calm. She knows that she cannot take Kali roop as it is difficult to come out of that anger. Brahmadeva says even then Bhairava has broken the rules and so he will be punished.

Here, Parvati becomes Adishakti and says that Bhairava has not understood her truth and has always disobeyed her and treated her as a normal human. Since he is Mahadev’s ansh, she shall not fight him. “But oh Bhairava, I pronounce this curse on you. You shall be born as an ordinary man on earth and live there for a very long time, performing whatever you have been doing in Kailasa!”

Bhairava disappears and Adishakti proceeds to Shonitapur.

Narada asks what will happen to Banasura now Adishakti is going to Shonitapura. Brahmadev says it depends on whether he apologises or fights with Adishakti. Narayana gives comments that this is the game of our free decisions!

Banasura says that his decision is to fight and defeat the person who has made him a useless one (Mahadev). Hearing this, Adishakti appears and shouts at Banasura that he has done a grave sin by insulting both her Swami as well as his own Aradhya. And so he and his 1000 hands shall be destroyed!
As soon as she says this, BAE leaves Banasura and he comes back to his own self. He is shocked and falls at Adishakti’s feet. He pleads her for kshama and says he was blinded by his ego, and his mental weakness was shown today. Mahadev forgives him and Parvati returns to her original form.

Mahadev tells Banasura to ask Vani for pardon. Banasura tells her sorry, and that he lost control over his shakti and his Shakti was instead controlling him. He tells her to move away from him as her doesn’t trust himself. He tells Mahadev that a wicked and shameless person like himself does not deserve Mahadev’s blessings. He tells him to return to Kailasa. He tells Vani also to go away. Vani refuses, saying a wife is with her husband in all joy and sorrow as well as danger.
Parvati is very pleased and says she has a solution. When a child is born, a person feels complete and understands his responsibility. There is no place for negativity as he saves more and cares for his child. Life becomes happy and peaceful.

Saying this, Mata Parvati creates a baby girl and gifts it to Vani. She and Mahadev say that since she has come like Ushakaal into their life (what is Ushakaal?Confused), she shall be called Usha.
Banasura says instead of 1000 arms he should have asked for a child from Mahadev. Mahadev says these hands will help you to protect your child, as well as your citizens who are all like your children. A father has to be very careful in taking care of his child since it decides how the child will be, what values she will learn and what type of person she will become.He tells Vani to always support Banasura so that he can properly nurture Usha.

Brahma says it is time for Narayana’s leela, with which Banasura’s yatra will come to a close. Narada asks which avatara? Brahmadev says, you have to wait and watch. The circumstances created by Banasura will help this avatara of Vishnu to fulfil his mission.

Precap: Banasura announces that a baby girl has been born to him. His minister says this is Mahadev’s daughter, not your daughter. Banasura gets angry and chokes him.Dead (Matlab kuch nahi seekha.) Mahadev tells him, the person to destroy your arrogance is coming.Krishna walks in. Brahmadev is very happy and excited.

Update Credit to: surya_krsnbhakt

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