Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th September 2013 Written Update

Kaali devi is in her super Rudr avtar, and Shiva states that this form of her will be the stat of a new chapter.
Kaali devi wounds Andhak and places a bowl and collects the blood in it; she does this with all the clones of Andhak, he is scared now as it his turn.

Then again Andhak cuts his palm and creates two more clones if his, he continues to do the same…Veerabhadr is pissed off seeing this..both Kaali and Veerabadhr are surrounded by clones of Andhak (for the record I am in awe with Mohit’s Veerabhdr roop..such a treat to watch him)

Andhak is enjoying troubling them, where as Kaali ma and Veerabhadr roar. Both of them wound each clone of Andhak and Kaali devi collects the blood so as to cease the clone to increase

in number… as they do this they finally find out the real Andhak and wound him down.

Kaalidevi lifts him up and bangs him down on the ground, he is injured sooner this happens the personification of Andhak’s ignorant mind appear beside him and motivates him to win Parvati.

The human personification of his mind constantly boost him up to get up and defeat them and make Parvati as his…Andhak picks up the weapon which the form gives him and stabs the eye of it!

Now Andhak speaks to it and says that its that bad eye of his which has always mislead him, and he should have done this long ago!
The personification is lifeless now, but Kaali devi reaches him and so does Virabhadr.

Andhak apologizes to Kaalidevi..he asks Mahadev for forgiveness and help.
He says, for the first time in life he realizes that he has committed innumerable sins and asks Mahadev to forgive him. Then seeing Kaalidevi near him, he apologizes to her too..Kaalidevi says taht she knows the truth and he needn’t say it!

Saying so she puts her leg on to Andhak’s chest, pressing Andhak to the ground.
Mahadev them appears at the scene, Veerbhadr reunites in Mahadev and Kaalidevi observes him and goes away from there.

Then the weather turns back to normal with sun shining from the clouds, Brhmdev and Naradji appear at the site and Mahadev asks Andhak to wake up!
He folds hand in front of Mahadev, he says that all his life he used to say “saty kehra ha hoon main” but he himself was running away from it; and now when realized the truth he has nothing to say further!

Andhak wants Mahadev to kill him, as he as brought to his mind the impious thoughts for his creator; to get him rid of the guilt as he doesn’t deserve the life he is given.

Shiva tells that something ended indeed, it was his ignorance and his apology tells his truth. His guilt of his sins, devotion with he has chosen. Like the late hours of night, the darkness is at its peak, but only after that the sun starts to come.

Andhak is super guilty and wishes Mahadev to kill him. Shiva says to Andhak that he has always lived in fear, and such a life is equal to death and their is life when one dies fearless!

Shiva continues, if he wants liberation as end to a life isn’t really possible. Light and world is life, and if someone opens their eyes and don’t find light that doesn’t mean that there is no light. There is light and what is needed is one to open their eyes and see beyond



Kaali ma continues to be in the same rudr avtar and all are discussing how to calm her down.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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