Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kartikeya goes to Kailash, meets with Mahadev.
Mahadev talks abt a war where he has to play a pivotal role..K says that he is forever ready for his orders..
Indr goes to Kailash and requests K to accept the Devsenapati post again..and talks abt Agnidev’s acts.
Brihaspati a sensible one says taht there is an impending danger coming their way and they’d need devsenapati.
Mahadev nods to K to carry on..K accepts as his father has asked him to do.
Eveyone is glad to know abt it..Indr is super excited abt this.

They go back to their work..K is worried..seeing this Mahadev asks him abt it. K says taht he is worried abt is she even handling the situation..whats gonna happen father?

Then Shiva gives his boy – Kartikeya a peacock feather…and says that answer to all his questions lie in it.

Usha talks to Shivling..that there might be a greater reason for her being in that state..though her dad make any efforts to be cruel to Anirudh but she’ll endure them all to find her love..she only is worried on Anirudh’s well being. HOw could she take him out of that danger?

Then Mahadev arrives there, Usha asks why is their such peril in the life of one who has his blessings..and grace. And if there is a bigger purpose for her life, then why does she has to endure such worries. Shiva tells her that it was she who wished to have a love story as him(SHiva) and Parvati devi..but she forgot that they have faced n number of pbs and have solved them..and will always do..its just the test- which helps in getting both together and close.
And biggest thing is Parvat’s support, faith courage and persistence has played a great role. There is no married life that isn’t touched with pain, problems..
And if she sees a married life in that meter she’d never be happy..A relation becomes beautiful as the number of challenges and struggles it sees.
If he wishes he can maker her escape all this in a moment and take her to Kaialsh, but the question is does she really want to go that way?
A wise Usha decides to leave the place only with Anirudha and that she is ready for every challenge that comes her way. She determines to end to the enmity between Yadhuvanshis and Asuras. Mahadev blesses her and leaves.

Sasur ji BS is torturing Damaadji Anirudh..he is feeble and has no identity when even Balram couldn’t face him. May be Balram has not informed him of their war where he defeated balram who escaped.
Anirush is trapped in the electrical field made by dad in law..Krishna arrives at Shonikpur.

Krishna folkd his hands forth the flag of Devi Parvati’s and Mahadev’s son Kartikeya, The flag waves in downward direction..BS observes this. Then a minister informs him abt Krishna’s entry..he things that Krishna has come with his army..but the minister replies that he has come there alone and is waiting for him at the court. he asks he minister to present Anirudh at the court and thinks that Dwarkadheesh has come to him to apologize.

Parvati ma discusses abt BS and Krishna meet..why did Krishna go there for peace talks,, he could have waged a war against BS..Mahadev tells that Krishn wants to give BS one last chance. He continues that, though Krishn can slay the evil, but war is always the last thing on his mind..he tries to stop a war like situation as he knows it how many other innocent get hurt cause of fight.
He always finds ways to stop war situations.
Parvati devi says that its the main difference between a wise man and ignorant one. Shiva replies that, being powerful is not enough..but he would never use those powers for showing iff his powers and greatness.

The power is a way of helping the innocent n weak. But an arrogant seeks ways to boast his powers…but for the powerful wise ppl …its the last option.. that too for maintenance of dharma..for the world unlike the arrogant one who doesn’t see the destruction and unjust he spreads.

Bs meets Krishna at his court..asks him abt his visit. Krishna tells that heard that his pautr and Usha got married and they are now relatives..he wishes to take them with him. BS says there was no marriage that has taken place as he has not approved of it. Krishna replies that he’d do sooner or later..he has to, they have already approved it.

BS says that Anirudh is in his prison…Krishn tells that – That is just the reason why BS is alive and he is gonna forgive BS. Bs threatens to end Yadhuvanshi clan..
“irony irony..why does everyone who gains power try to hurt other? Is the main reason of power is destruction..isn’t it helping the the clan be glorified by war and violence..” asks Krishna.
Had he had used his powers for the betterment of the world..then thew world would have respected him..but what he thinks is the reverence from all is out of many powers and he has never understood the meaning of them.
Krishna further rants that he doesn’t hate but feel disappointed seeing such people..the biggest reason is seeing him he wonders how Mahadev would feel..he pities BS as he has misused the powers of Mahadev..BS has put Mahadev in a tight n difficult spot.

Krishna tells BS that he has come there for peace matters and he better leave Usha and Anirudh and leave them to Dwarka..he reminds BS that if he doesn’t then his army will see him. BS tells taht its unethical for him to attack a peace messenger …or he would have made decision to attack him.
The BS strikes a deal with him that he should promise that Anirudh would never come back to Shaunikpur.

Krishna reminds BS that he ahs come to take USha along with Anirudh..he has one day time to prepare USha’s farewell. He n Anirudh would wait for Usha in the city.
Krishna himself frees Anirudh of BS’s electric field.
And on the completion of one day, either the procession comes or his all BS’s choice.


Precap: As Krishna n Anirudh leave, the flag falls..Bs observes this…
BS goes to Kailash and asks Mahadev if he would come to protect him on is call..
Krishn tells Anirudh abt BS’s spl boon that Mahadev is his protecter…and when he calls Maahdev, he’d surely come and then fighting agaisnt Mahadev will adhram for he (Krishna)
Mahadev informs the Kailash dwellers thta there will be war witnessed by them which has never happened nor will it happen.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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