Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev tries to convince Paravtidevi that they’d make Mansa understand..n bring to the right path..Parvati ma doubts if she’ll ever change… Mahadev tells Mansa will be blamed for this..Parvati ma tells that they btoh too would be blamed and she doesn’t second him for giving Mansa another chance. Mahadev tells if its gonna do good to Mansa he’d do anything it takes..Parvati ma is offended and tells that she thought they both are together each other’s decision..
He says he is still there..Parvati devi tells its just a wish she has..Mahadev says since when their wishes became expectations…she says its not baseless and does it mean nothing for him?
Parvati devi feels hurt and leaves weeping..before Mahadev coulld say anything she walks away..

As Mansa walks she reminds of the old rishi she met once (Mahadev in disguise)she passes by the temple and watches it..
Parat devi recalls Mansa’s spiteful words for Mahadev..she is worried abt Mansa’s behavior..

Ganesh comes to his mom and asks if she is angry at his dad..they not seem to have some issue…Parvati ma tells its nuthing like that…she is upset with her own she helped Mahadev in making Mansa calm down..she made a mistake in agreeing with Mahadev on taht..she feels guilty if it now.
Mahadev got insulted cause of her by Mansa..its her fault and now she is gonna redeem her doing…on asked by Ganesh she says that she’ll balance n control the energies emitted by Mansa..its become an urgency for them now.
Nag dev tries to explain Mansa ab Mahdev..whatever he does it for the good of the world..Mansa retorts saying she asked for one little thing that she too gets to be a god like- like Ganesh n Kartikeya are..doens’t she has the right being Mahadev’s mans putri…
Diti tells that Mahadev’s acts cant be understood so soon..she’ll know it eventually…
Mansa says she will not depend on anyone neither on time or Mahadev..
Diti disciplines her to control her anger and take good use of the chance she is given…she has no one’s fear. She too is now being teh mansa putri of Mahadev is worth prayed to. She too deserves to be a goddess..if not they too don’t have the right to be a diety
Ganesh asks Mahadev where did Parvati ma levave Kilash she is hurt cause of Mansa..Mahadve tells their encounter is significant..Parvati would do anything its gonna fetch good to teh world.

Mansa goes to teh man who lost his child n blamed HalaHal for it and killed him…she tortures the guy and tells her dad was innocent..
She lifts him in teh air by her powers and tortures him asking why he killed her dad…and also provokes him against god as they never gave anyone anything…teh guy asks for forgiveness and still beleives taht gods will help him..but his hopes go in vein..she throws him on the ground n says taht no god has come when they never came in the last breaths of her great rishi father Halahal he is out of question..then the guy realizes that she is saying the truth and seconds to her thought.
He too wont pray anyone hence forth…Mansa seeing this gets encouraged to walk that path to reach what she aimed for.

bBack in a forest…Bihilini prays
Mahadev meets her
She say sshe is blessed to have his darshan..n is gald that he came taking time out of his busy life devoted to his devotees..

he tells that he is happy with her prayers n wishes to grant a she is spl in his mahan bhakts..
(Parvati in her says for a bhakt he has all wishes to grant and when as a wife she asked him he never gave it to her..then whats so spl in bhatkts)

She asks him to stay with her as she wishes to serve him..till she asks him to leave..

The asuras attack teh civilians and beg to devtas to protect them..but no one comes..then Mansa tells them that if they cant protect themselves no one the themselves fight the asuars n chase them away..

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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