Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 16th April 2014 Written Update

On the battlefield, Banasura charges at his enemy, when Mahadev appears in the middle. He says that he has promised to protect Banasura therefore even if he doesn’t wish, Mahadev had to come.
Banasura says he doesn’t require Mahadev’s protection, and that he and his 1000 hands are sufficient enough to protect his own kingdom. Therefore only shall fight, you shall not.

But then the enemy comes and surrenders to Lord Shiva and says if it was me I would forever be engaged in serving you my Lord.
Banasura tells the enemy to fight, but the enemy says I came here not to fight. I knew that if I attack, Mahadev would give his darshan, therefore I acted as if I am going to attack, so that I can see Mahadev. Mein Dhanya Ho Gaya!


Ganesha tells Bhairava that they are happy with his service, but Mata Parvati cannot be harmed by anyone. Bhairava says, “No, it is my duty, so you have to follow my rules, please.”
Nandi objects, saying even Mahaev doesn’t make rules. But Bhairava requests once again and tells Mata that if she accepts all will accept. It is his duty to protect them, and after that mishap, he will not leave his duties. Please cooperate till Mahadev returns.

Kartikeya is angry and says Kailasa doesn’t need protection. We all are well equipped to defend ourselves. We will not follow anyone’s rules. We will never-
Parvati interrupts and says that she acepts. Muruga- I mean, Kartikeya is upset.
Parvati tells Bhairava that Maryada is as important as Duty so while doing duties he must NEVER do Maryada Ka Ullanghan.


Mahadev asks Banasura what will he gain by fighting and showing off his strength? Even if you conquer all the worlds, you’ll be defeated because you didn’t conquer your mind. When you conquer your mind then you will understand that war is useless, like your enemy here.
It is easy to defeat others, but you can only win over them by love, courage, sympathy and humility. Your ancestors Prahlada and Bali were never cruel and didn’t fight wars, but weren’t they respected by everyone? Ultimately it is your choice.

The enemy praises Banasura’s Bhagya and says what is the use of conquering one or two kingdoms, when the whole universe is with you? (Mahadev = the full universe)
Banasura asks forgiveness from everybody.

Later, he tells his wife that Mahadev stopped him from killing so many soldiers. He asks her to leave him alone for sometime.
Just then, his Alter Ego (BAE) appears and says that Banasura wished to uplift his family’s greatness, but what happened? What will your ancestors say seeing you leaving the battlefield like that? WHy did Mahadev come even though you didn’t want him to come? Who is he to stop you? YOu know, slowly Mahadev is destroying you… Your wife, your people and now even your enemy are praising Mahadev! You have to teach him his place!
BAE then tries to choke Banasura. Mahadev doesn’t stop him saying that it is his own fight, and Banasura has to win it himself. Mahadev will not interfere with his own thoughts.
His alter ego asks him whether he will tell Mahadev to go, but Banasura disagrees. Then BAE says he himself will tell Mahadev to get lost and enters into Banasura.
Evil Banasura says that Mahadev has no place in Shonitapura and he will throw him out.
Mahadev says Banasura has become scared.


Bhairava draws a Lakshman Rekha which burns like fire and he says till Mahadev comes, no one can come or go out of Kailash. Kartikeya is angry.


Bani has organised a feast and invited the Saptarshis also. Rishi Kashyap praises her and Rishi Bhrigu says that only recently they had Mata Parvati’s prasad, now they will have Mahadev’s prasad.
Bani thanks them and starts serving the food, but Banasura barges in and stops her angrily. He says, “No one tells me anything! Am I not required over here? You didn’t even invite me to the feast!”

Bani says he doesn’t need invitation to his own palace. She will first serve Mahadev, then he can distribute prasad to others. But Banasura says as a king he has first right over everything, so first he should only get the food, not Mahadev. Everyone is shocked. Banasura gives evil looks to Mahadev.

Precap: Bani scolds Banasura for his bad conduct and tells him he is not fit to receive Mahadev’s blessings. Banasura gets furious and tries to choke Bani! Mahadev gets enraged and shouts at Banasura but he says that Mahadev has promised to protect him, so He cannot harm Banasura. Hearing this, Mata Parvati gets infuriated, and screams, “BANASURA!!”

Update Credit to: surya krsnbhakt

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