Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 16th April 2013 Written Update

Rishi Dadhichi tells Shivji he is ready for anything for him.
J(Jalandhar) is discussing his war planning of not keeping sick Asuras in front as it may display their weakness in front of Devas. Vrinda comes there, tells them this is not the place to discuss war planning. One Asura gets angry , asks her to apologise. J stops him saying he is alive today because of her, so not to speak to her in this manner. After the asura leaves, she says, his not getting angry is an indication of the poison being removed from his body. He too asks her to respect him as he is Asura’s king.
He spots Vishnuji’s idol, gets angry, asks who is worshipping a Deva here? Vrinda replys she worships him. J says he has banned Deva’s worship. She says it’s matter of her faith, which no one can stop. If he was in her place, would have realized, Narayan’s devotee is only Narayan-bhakta, he never cheats them. J leaves the place saying he can’t be here anymore as the poison is removed from his body, leaves.
Parvati sees aadi guru, touches his feet. He asks her to get ready for the next task. She ask Gunesh what will be her next task? Aadi Guru asks her to take aasan, she is about to sit but he stops her, says when you are steady-sthira that’s called an aasan, you’ll have to take many aasans in life. Now touch the feet. She touches his feet, he stops her saying yours not mine. Parvati trys but can’t, he tells her to open her body & stretch as much as she can. She does so. Now Ganesh understands what Shivji is upto.
Next he takes her near a tree, says even tree has a life, concentrate on this tree, stand on one feet, close your eyes, when you feel the steadiness. Practice till you are able to concentrate well.
Parvati is trying to concentrate, finds Shivji in front of her, says rajkumari, neither you, nor your Guru can do anything. Parvati gets angry, asks why is he here again. He teases her saying, he just heard a one legged swan is here so just came to check.
Rishi Twastha tells Vritraur his brother Trishira was killed by Indra when he was in his penance as Indra feared Trishira will ask for Indra will ask for his Indrasana from Brhmadev. So he cut your brother’s head. Vritrasur says he’ll go & fight with him now. But rishi Twasta tells him to join Asura raj J in his fight with Devas.
Shivji tells Parvati to look for some other Guru. She scolds him for trying to divrert her mind. She is back to practicing her concentration task. Shivji says he can wait for a long time for her but Devasura war will go on for a long time. He needs her. Purush needs Prakriti. So you have to come out of your memory loss.

Precap: Aadi Guru asks Paravti to concentrate on the Mountain now.
Vinda tells J, if she was his enemy, he wouln’t have been alive today.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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