Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th November 2013 Written Update

Ripunj decides to give away his life…he enters the water and moves deep into it. Brhmdev is in a dilemma what to do…Vishnu ji telepathically signals him to do whats required.

Back here Gauri enjoys the fortune of getting pampered by SHiv and Shakti.. Pavati devi gets her a pot of milk. Jagatpit- Shiva cleans the extra milk dripping of her face…Ripunjay lays unconscious on the shores only to be brought into conscious by Brhmdev’s call.
Brhma the creator asks what he wishes.. Ripu seeks a boon which makes him as capable as the devtas to make his Kashi self reliant. And henceforth no devta, asur, nag should ever enter Kashi without his consent.
Brhm dev suggest him if he let that boon be and penance on the element devtas, they would surely come.. Rippu replies that its time for them to leave Kashi.
Seeing Ripu hell bent on getting the boon, Brhm dev had to give it to him. Ripu gets powers … The moment that happens, it shows its effects on all the three worlds… Ripunjay gets a new name ‘DevoDas’. He thanks Brhmdev for the boon along with an assertion that whosoever doesn’t go by the logic that he is the lord of Kashi would indirectly or directly disgracing the creator’s say.
then Ripunjay asks if there is any devta at the moment over their.. Brhmdev hints to a yes. On inquired Brhmdev tells Mahadev’s name…Brham  dev asks him to take Mahadev’s blessings before carrying forward the duties of the upholder of Kashi.

Shiva informs the family that the famine is gonna soon gonna see its end.. but that doesn’t mean that they should forget their duties for Kashi… its upon the people at Kashi to look after the progress of the place.
Ripunj intervenes and asks him to take it easy as he is gonna nurture the place..its his duty now to take care of Kashi.
Ripunjay (Devodas) he says that no devta will be entertained there.. At Vaykunth seeing this Vishnu dev goes to the place with the consent of Lakshmi devi.. where as Naradji discusses Ripunjay’s attitude..he shouldn’t be saying all that-as its Mahadev’s Kashi- its the place where Mahadev got respite. A place where he got free of Brhm hatya..
 Parvati devi feels offended by Ripunjay’s attitude and constantly tries to warn him whom he is shooing away? Has he forgotten the number of times Mahadev has saved he nurtured Kashi with his kindness and love. How Mahadev lives in each atom and in minds of each Kashivasi.

Ripunjay informs them about his boons..and now they too have to get going from the Kashi, this makes Paravti ma boil with anger..but is stopped by SHiva.
Mahadev says its just not his wish- now it has become a matter of Brhm dev’s word, which cannot be denied.
On objected by Brhm dev, Ripujay says that’s its a matter of point of views.
Before leaves Shiva advices him to look after Kashi well as its a big responsibility to take care of each and every minutest thing of a place. His decision is gonna effect the whole place .. and warns that its very often seen that people mistake arrogance to be Self respect.
Back at Swarg, Indr is vexed up with the asura’s hooliganism.. Nardji meets him and throws satires.
When Indr thinks that cause of Brhmdev and Mahadev theirs entry to Kashi has been forbidden, Nardji tells him not to give the whole credit to he is the creator of the whole trouble.

Devtas attack Kashi..seeking justice for Mahadev’s insult…

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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