Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 15th December 2013 Written Update

In the beginning Mahadev tells Parvati something like now the time has come when Purush will need the help of Prakriti. A previous scene with same kind of dialogue is also shown. Parvati agrees willingly.

Indra comes to Arunasur’s palace where the 5 gods are standing near the 5 temples. They enter the temples and get locked. Suryadev says that he tried to warn them about such outcome. Aruansur is happy that he has taken control over the 5 gods.

The whole creation comes to a standstill without the 5 gods… Mahadev and Parvati also witness the difficult situation and Parvatui decides to play the role of all the 5 gods alone. Mahadev tells her that it will be very hard but she answers that I am only concerned to maintain the creation

properly as I am their Mother. Thus the creation again starts running smoothly.

In Kailash, Kartikeya- Ganesh also show their concern about Parvati , Mahadev tells them that this responsibility will exhaust Parvati mentally and also from the level of energy. The saptarishi also come to Mahadev to know more about Arunasur.

Indra is surprised to see all the gods get imprisoned. But soon, as Parvati takes control over the 5 tatvas, all the 5 tatvas start working properly, Indra understands that it must be the doing of mahadev or mata parvati. Arunasur is surprised about it!!! Indra tries to attack Arunasur with his ‘vajra’ but he is unable to hurt him. Indra disappears. His subordinates tell him about Indra but Arunasur thinks all the Gods are afraid of him as the king of gods is so powerless…

Naarad talks with Brahma and Vishnu about Arunasur. They discuss that the 5 gods abducted by Arunasur are not enough to revive the dead body of Arunasur ‘s mother. He has made a mistake by taking Sun and Moon. They are not among the ‘panchtatva devta’. Soon Arunasur will realise his mistake. Moreover, only reviving the body is not enough, Arunasur also need to generate ‘praan’ also in that body. How will he do it?

Arunasur asks all 5 Tatva Devas to make his mother alive. They tell him, even if the 5 elements are restored in her body, how will you add life in her body? We can’t do that. He asks them, who is capable of doing so? Bhutanath is the answer. He asks how can I approach him? He comes on just his aavahan. is the answer. He sends 5 Devas back to their prison-temples.
Mahadev is watching this. He breaks a stand of his jata, throws it on ground. Bhutanath appears holding a black stick with 2 tridents hanging at both the ends in a link. Mahadev tells him, he knows what to do to free those tatva Devas. Bhutanath leaves.
Arunasur calls Bhutanath outside 5 temples. He comes riding in achariot of 5 differet coloured Horses. His entry is among a sand storm, Asuras are able to see anything. Finally he arrives. Seeing Devas imprisoned gets angry, hits anyone who comes in his way. Arunasur is surprised. Bhutanath is about to free the Devas, but he is requested by one of them to calm down, as Arunasur has connected his people’s lives with these prisons. So breaking his trap may harm lives of his people.
Arunasur tells Bhutanath to come to the place & do what he is called for. Bhutanath turns his back, seeing this Arunasur gets angry, says one can come here willingly, but can leave this place only if he wishes.
Bhutanath tells him since you’ve challanged me, I’ll give you 5 chances. In next 5 days I’ll free these Devas one by one. Do whatever you can.

Precap: Arunasur has controlled the 5 elements, Earth, water, air, fire & sky. Mahadev tells him, he’ll free those 5 tatva Devas.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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