Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th January 2014 Written Update

Devi Parvati decides to fulfill arunasur;s wish. She is pondering over the matter and thinks Mahadev didn’t try to stop her because he understands how important this is to her. She thinks that Shiv Shakti have till now struggled and sailed through many tough times and circumstances and will get through this one as well
Mahadev thinks yes I will always stand by you Parvati
Before going to arunasur’s kingdom Mata Parvati goes to kertikeya again and tells him that children don’t understand parents. If parents don’t fulfill one wish they take it as if the parents don’t love them. And they only realize when they themselves become parents that becoming parents is very very tough
She asks Kartikeya is this your final wish? He says nothing

and she says that I take your silence as your agreement
Ma Parvati leaves
Kartikeya tells Ganesh that he has hurt someone and he has to seek forgiveness
He goes to kailash and says to Nandi that I hurt you please forgive . Nandi says no need to say sorry
But Mahadev says there is a need Kartikeya has made a mistake
Kartikeya says father please tell me my mistake I will rectify it
Mahadev says you have made the mistake that many people make. They mistake their Pride as their self-respect and they mistake others selfresopect for oride
Kartikeya asks him to show him how?
Mahadev says rethink the whole thing as the commander of Devtas Army
He remembers that Arunasur was trying to defeat Yuamraj and Kartikeya had entered the war to protect him.Then Kartikeya challenged Arunasur but he didn’t fight with him and ran back
Mahadev re ran back or he strategically retreated to get you to that place where his mother was?
Kartikeya realized that Arunasur had used his emotion to get his mother to revive Arunasur’s Mom
He gets mad at Arunasur and says he is going after him
Nandi tries to stop him but Mahadev tells him to let him go
At Arunasurs kindom Parvati arrives but stays invisible. Arunasur says my sadhna must be incomplete. She says its not incomplete but you disrespect the Gods. Arunasur says that I invite you here you are my guest no one will disrespect you
At Khsheer sagar Narayan and everyone else are happy to hear this
Bramha ji says his end is near. They remember the boon in which arunasur had sais he will invite his killer himself
Mahadev says Parvati would need bhoot vanaspati and jeev to revive the queen and he is going into meditation to help Parvati

Precap: Arunasur’s mother comes back to life and he says he wont let Prakriti go
Kartikeya and Mahadev come there too

Update Credit to: Nandiniraizada

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