Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 14th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev thinks about andhak, he scolded mahadev and ask about mata. Mata says, i am getting tensed to think that will you war with your parts. Mahadev says, i am feeling guilty because i am fighting with my own parts but i dont want to get unwell this world thats why i fight with my parts. I didnt throw poison for anyone neither i throw amrit on anyone. Andhak wife gets worried about andhak. Andhak says, i know that it will happen but i am feeling more pain then rohitang trust, i tried to rohitang for truth but he didnt believe me. I want to tell him that his father has killed me. ANdhak wife says, why will he killed you. Andhak says, he is mahadev, he can do anything. He will come rohitang to kill you and he will end you very cruel like he did to jalendar, adi or me. We all are alike, we will get killed. Can you give me promise, go to mahadev supervision. Rohitang says, what are you saying? Andhak says, you cannot kill him and he is great dev and he can kill anyone. He cannot do partiality, i cannot understand, how will i kill him because he is my father but he didnt think me as son, he fight with me as warrior. So promise me. Rohitang gets angry. And please forgive me because i didnt fulfil your dream. Rohitang says, mahadev is not faulty in this. I did this, if i will come with you then you will not get killed. How will i say sorry to you, i dont know. Mata says, when will this circle stopped, your parts generate and they oppose and then fight with you and gets killed by you and then again new part generate and same process starts. Isnt it possible to stop this. Why wont you rohitang comes under your supervision. mahadev says, kartikaye is also living in kailash but can he stable and we have given chance to andhak but he didnt change their nature. It is not the point that if they will live with us and then they accept good manner. i told you earlier that everything is depend on person mind.
Andhak says, you are child so dont blame yourself, i am feeling adi presence, if he will present today then he will take revenge with mahadev but now i cannot died properly. Rohitang says, dont say this, i will take revenge with mahadev, i will show him what is enemity. I will show him who i am. Andhak says to himself, i really want this that you will take revenge with mahadev so that i will take revenge of my son. Andhak says, if you will fight with him because of your soft corner of your heart. Rohitang says, no brother, i am getting very angry with mahadev and i will definitely take revenge with him. I will not spoil your sacrifice easily. Rohitang put on his weapon and thinks about andhak conversation. Rohitang break veena on throwing mahadev’s statue and then break the statue with his sword. Devi prithvi arise and then says, why you have break this statue. rohitang says, this is my misfortune that he is my father and i am his son. My brother has told me truth that mahadev is our enemy. devi prithvi says, dont think that only you are tensed, mahadev is also sad to see all this. I am really feel sad because you are taking side of mahadev but now i will take revenge of mahadev. Devi prithvi says, dont get angry.

Precap:- Mahadev fights with all his parts and says, i am start of this world and end too and then mata also arise into devi kaali face.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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