Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th September 2013 Written Update

The two messengers come to Mahadev to convey Andhak’s blind wish of giving him away Parvati devi!
They are terrified of saying such a thing to Mahadev..but still brave it to blurt it out…and ask for forgiveness.

Hearing this Nandi is furious and pins them both to the ground..but Mahadev tells Nandi that its not their fault they are just messengers of Andhak!

Nandi is super mad and so is Mahadev.

Back here Ganesh and Parvati devi could feel the thunders and anger of Shiva in the air… and Parvati devi sorts out that perhaps cause of some reason he would have sent her to meet Ganesh..may be he didn’t want her to put through that thing!

Shukrachary comes to Shiva and apologizes for his inability to

guide Andhak, Shiva says that he did his job but its ANdhak’s attitude.
And now Shiva says taht he himself would knowledge Andhak about the consequences of his path, if he changes its good or he will suffer.

Andhak goes to the SHiv ling and talks to it…he asks why didn’t anyone tell him that he is Shivansh?

Did Trikaldarshi Mahadev fear that if he gets to know about this he learns of how powerful he is. Mahadev appears and says he has all he qualities of arrogance of power n how to misuse of it…

Andhak tells that he was so waiting for Mahadev, Andhak says that he too doesn’t want to fight a war and waste his energy n would be better if he gives away Pavati devi as he can keep her happy n content.

As Andhak tries to say when can he come to the Kailash to take Parvati.. Mahadev gives him a good shock wid the Trishul!
All of a sudden darkness encompasses the sky- light. Parvati devi at Kailash asks Nandii what happened there in her absence; Nandi tells that two of Andhak’s asuras come and gave his message..he could not say anyy further.

Back here Mahadev gives a final warning to ANdhak to mend his ways before the next morning; Andhak says Mahadev to cool down and he wouls urely ponder over Shiva’s warning, but in the mean while he says that even Shica should think over what his messengers have said!

Back here Nandi couldn’t say a word and says his incapability to say such tings to here.. then Parvati devi closes her eyes and observes each moment n expression of Andhak’s impious thoughts along with what the message was.

Paravti ma is shocked to learn the truth…

Mahadev gives a final warning to Andhak according o the rules of a war, the next morning will see either the end of his ignorance or him. ANs he is hugely mistaken if he thinks that Shiva is scared of his powers.

Shiva says to ANdhak that being Shivansh is a duty that the power, and if he doesn’t have the capability to handle it he better know it that whoever has created him can end him too. Saying so Mahadev leaves the place.

Back at the Kailash Mata Parvati awaits for Mahadev who happen to appear that very moment … Parvati devi tells tat he got to know the reason behind Mahadev sending her away from the Kailash..he didn’t want his wife to endure the pain which he was enduring continuously.

She now realizes why he stopped her from meeting Andhak, why she was sent to Ganesh. Cause of her motherly love she couldn’t see what he was trying to show her… Mahadev tells her not to be sorry… Andhak did as per his ignorance and she as per the nature..and he did what was in accord to fate.

ANd now whatever decision Andhak takes, its up to her to take the thing to its end.

At Brhm lok.. Naradji is told by Brhm dev that the form which Adishakti takes as Kaali to end the evil is tough for Mahadev to calm down.. and this time is its no different,, but is gonna be evn more tough taht the last time where Mahadev turned into a baby or the time when Mahadev made Kaali put her feet onto him.

Andak talks to himself, that even though Mahadev has warned him he won’t fear nor would h budge.
He senses Shukrachary and calls him to prepare an army for the fight at the Kailash, SHukrachary tries to warn him not to do so!

Andhak tells him to stop warning him as he won’t change his decision.
Shukarchary tells him to back off as he has no clue as to what awaits for him when Shiv n Shakti unite.

Shukrachary tries to discipline and asks Andhak’s to mend his ways..but Andhak reminds him of the promise which he did to Parvati devi of standing by Andhak in the toughest of situations. Also he ought to make ANdhak win by any means, thus his stature of a guru would remain intact and also the wish would be fulfilled.

Shukarachary gets reminded of Mahadev’s words that he should come what may do his duty as a he tells ANdhak that he is just like one of his previous disciple cause of his blind ignorance..
Shukrachary adds, that his disciple had character, wisdom; but he (Andhak) is characterless foolish. And the saddest part fr him was in his last days his wisdom went down the drain, and now the guru expects that Andhak should get his wisdom back..
Andhak tells Shuckrachary to leave..

Indr and other devtas come to the Kailash and apologizes for their behavior towards Parvati devi, so in order to redeem their wrongs they would fight Andhak as he is gonna attack Kailash. Parvati devi tells Indr that she appreciates his pluck, but it isn’t exactly gonna defeat him.

Indr tries to convince them that they’d fight Andhak, but Shiva tells that its their fault and they would correct it; and that they won’t allow anyone’s interference in it!

Sunday: At a battle field, Ganesh, Kartikeya and other ganas figt asur sena…
Shiv and Parvati devi take their Rudra avtar…

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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