Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with shankchur says to rohitang that why are you waiting for getting swarg. Rohitang says, i am not waiting but i just want to realize to devta that mahadev will not help them and that will make me happy. Dev guru says, its time to give swarg to rohitang. Rohitang says, now look shankchur, indra will accept his lost. Indra accepts his drubbing and assign swarg to you. Everybody will gives slogan of Rohitang. Shankchur says, dont hesitate indra, its all your work. Indra says, just think about your work because you have done wrong with narayan. Narayan is God of tulsi. You will have to get result of your work. Rohitang says, look indra, your mahadev had also scolded me. Rohitang says, i am appointing shankchur as king of swarg. Shankchur worship to dev guru and says, i dont want this swarg but i have only done my duty. If i have done something wrong then please forgive me. Dev guru says, dont distract from your path and please dont loose your courage so that you have to feel guilt in future. Rohitang says, shankchur’s rajya abhishek will happen today and i inviting everybody. Devta moves from battle field. Everybody gives slogan of shankchur. Rohitang says, go indra, you have to feel your loose in kailash. Kartikaye comes at kailash and says, look Ganesh, mata is tensed thats why she is busy in work. Indra comes and says, now what will i do mata. Kartikaye says, its really difficult for us and in absence of uncle, only you can guide us. Mata says, i am doing for this world. Bhram dev says, she is adi shakti and she is doing her work for something reason. Mata says, first of all, we have to think about swami’s work. In absence of narayan, mahadev will guiding us. Swami has already informed us about our duties. He believes us and we have to fulfil our duties. If i will not cook food then i am not doing my duties same like if i will not do duty of adi shakti then i will not doing duty of swami and i will do it on time. Swami is doing his duty and now we all will fulfil our duties. We couldnt see him until we all will fulfil our duties carefully. Dev guru gives thanks to mata.
Mata thinks in herself, i will balance energy with the help of laxmi and saraswati, so that you can bring back narayan back. Nigas is your devotee and soon he will know his mistake.
Nigas feels guilty and says, i have done wrong with mahadev. I should have punished. I will give my life. Nigas says, please come back mahadev, dont give punishment to other devotee.
Shankchur comes to his state and ask about tulsi. Tulsi comes and tilak him. shankchur says, you have welcomed me when i return back after wining. But this time, you are not happy. Tulsi says, yes, you are right. I always think that you are safe with this mala and i worship with narayan. but this time, i will worship with whom and this time i lost in your wining. you have done your duty and now this time i will fulfil my duty.
Mata laxmi remember narayan and mata parvati arise and says, we have to tell rohitang that he is moving wrong path and if he will not accept our wordings then he has to pay for it.

Precap:- Narad ji says to rohitang, you are standing here only by mahadev. Rohitang put his sword on narad then mata arise and gives caution to him.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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