Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th March 2013 Written Update

Our kailash’s special couple is on Parvati van land, stop at a lake, Shivji walks ahead, Parvati sees his footsteps in sand. He stops, asks her why did she stop? She asks him is she really swamini of this van? Will he fulfill one more of her wish? He says it will be fuffilled as her order. He walks ahead, slowly. Parvati follows his steps, matching each of his step with her’s next to his. Calls him, Shivji turns back, she shows him those footsteps, says these are symbol of Shiv-Shakti walking together, is indication of their Ardhnarishwar form.

At Kailshs, Indra questions Ganesh why have you taken Shivji’s form. Where is he? Ganesh says he is not here, in his absence I am looking after Kailssh. Indra says he is here for an important work, this is not a child’s play. He says for Devraj Indra important question must be related to his insecurity. Indra says my Singhasan is in danger. Ganesh says let me remind you, due to your insecurity you have harmed my bro, me & others, but every time were proved wrong. If you’ve learned anything from this Gyansabha, then return being fearless to Swarga.

At Swarga Indra is fuming over Ganesh’s words. Brihaspati tells him Ganesh was not wrong. But Indra feels, he is insulted by Ganesh. Says everyone takes me for granted, they want my Singhasan. Now I’ll have to prove I am Devraj indra. He orders Apsaras to go & break Trishira’s tapasya.

At Kailash, Mushak asks Ganesh why Shivji applys bhasma, holds Trishul, wears Tiger skin. Ganesh remembers Shivji’s teaching. He says Bhasma is symbol of, nothing is permenanat, every thing end one day. Mushak says same like your hunger. Ganesh says do not judge my hunger that way, it has different meaning to it.

The Tiger skin is symbol of his Vairagya. His Damaru creats Music. Can Music be imagined without Damaru? Naradji comes there, says even he thought of being a part of his Leela. When discussion is about Music, I couldn’t stop myself from coming here. Shivji had played Damaru for Shanidev, it’s sound had echoed allover Kailash, similarly even you should paly Damaru.
At Parvati van Paravti says you’ve created such a beautiful van for me. I am planting this plant here, it will adorn this van”s beauty. Shivji gets water in leaves. He pours water on that plant, says this will be witness of our love, will be known as Shivpriya.

At Kailash Ganesh tells Naradji, you’ve played once for me, today I’ll play for you. All are mesmarised, Nandi feels Shivji is playing Damaru. With tears in his eyes offers his pranam to Ganesh. He stops playing Damaru. Ganesh looks owesome sitting on this aasan, with a perfect pose.

At Kailash, Naradji praises Ganesh, says he is not only Shivji-Paravti’s ansh but is like them. Ganesh answers he trys to be like them, learns from them, can’t be like him but will always try.
Paravti tells Shivji she has learned from her father 1 tree is equal to 10 sons. Have learned to plant tree from him only. Shivji says We take so much from this Earth. If all Humans plants & cares for 1 plant in their lifetime, this Earth will be always green. She says she will always look after this plant like her child. Both are looking at that plant lovingly.

Precap: Parvati tells Shivji she wants him to make a gajara, with flowers collected by him from each season. He says for that he’ll have to be away from Kailash for a year. She says if he doesn’t return within a year then she’ll forget all his memories.
A voiceover says will Shivji be able to fufill her wish?

Update Credit to: mnx12

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