Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 13th January 2014 Written Update

K says ‘No mamaji if I was a better son then I would have thought them as my life and just like Ganesh did n would have done pradakshina around his parents..would have got my parent’s love n blessings..and if I was a sennapati wthen I would have never given Arunasur sucha promise..its my fault..That one moment I forgot that I was a senapti.. I saw Arunasur’s plight.. he too was craving for love n affection of his mother as he did all the time ”
K feels he has failed as a son n a senapati.. but is it a crime to expect that his parents would understand this?
Vishnuji tells K that it was his fault to misunderstand his parents

Mahadev is pained to know this n tears flow from his eyes..

Vishnu ji makes K understand that

its not his parent’s mistake.. he knows what pain Shiva and Parvati devii has endured after getting separated from K..Vishnunji tells K taht one day he’ll sure understand the ,meaning behind his parent’s decision and then he’ll feel ashamed n guilty of even thinking sucha thing abt his parents…somehow Vishnuji convinces K on going back to Kailash.
K to honour his mamji’s wish goes to Kailash.

Ganesha meets Parvati ma and talks abt K’s K misses her and there is still a kid in him who craves for her affection…Ganesh requests Parvati devi to let K’s promise be done as, if its not fulfilled no one would ever trust him again.He justifies the reason behind K’s promise given to Arunasura.
BAck here Arunasur’s place is going to be attacked by the rivals, but the followers swear to protect their king.

Dev guru tries to knock some sense in Indr as the latter messed up wid K… That’s not the way a Devraj is supposed to behave..he angered K even more..instead of consoling and helping him, if Devguru wouldn’t have come in between Parvati ma would have reduced Indr in to ashes. Indr accepts his mistake but blames K for his behavior as he was the one who has started it..
Indr argues saying is this the way someone treats a devraj.. Brhhaspti says that he with his conduct should exemplify how he should be treated! He asks Indr to stop meddling in K’s business or else he won’t be their to save him from Pavati ma’s anger.
Indr feels tatht even his guru is not understanding him..and decides to stay mum and see the show of K’s disastrous decision of giving a promise to Arunasura.

K reaches Kailash and as he turns back, Parvati devi calls him and talks..
Parvati ma tries to convince can his parents stay away from him.. they have given him birth.. K says that the hvae given birth to him to fulfill some purpose of killing a guy and not for love… he was never given any affection by his parents, only thing was abundant duties n orders..
Parvati ma says even he was brought to existence for a purpose as AS n Ganesha where.. K grumbles and argues wid mom.. K says she never liked and wanted him like she did to AS n Ganesh anyway.. if she really did she wouldn’t have abandon him to be raised in someone else’s place.

Parvati ma is hurt.. she says.. if proof is all he wants them she’s prove it.. its the question of the relation of son n mother- the question of trust in that relation in front of the whole world..but he is very unfortunate that he is not able to get in terms with the truth.. even after Shiv himself along wid Vishnuji explaining things to him and n number ppl including Nandi, Ganesh, Kritikas trying to make him understand the one straight thing

The only option left is to fulfill his promise..

Parvati ma goes to SHiva and talks to him abt the promise.. she remembers that he asked her to be firm..and she does remember what she has said..that if something odd is gonna happen then Adi Shakti will take charge.

Back here Arunasur’s place is begin attacked by neighboring states,, his followers fight valorously ..but get hurt..when the solider try to hurt Arunasurin his penance… a strong energy force protects him.. Naradji to Vishnuji that this shows that parvati devi has taken the decision

Mahadev asks Parvati ma if she is now doing all this to complete K’s promise is the mother doing it or Adishakti..?

Parvati ma says as Adi Shakri..
Shiva tells that many a times the duties get hindered due to that… hints her of the Kali ma fiasco..and when ever such things happen..only peril is the now its high time for things to sort as K has asked her (a mother) the proof to her motherly love…


Arunasur will be granted the boon by Parvati ma..

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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