Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 12th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The rishis go to Shiva complaining abt Agnidev’s arrogance giving a tough time to the world…on earth the humans suffer because of Agni dev’s arrogance.

Agnidev boasts his doings, that is cause of him the offerings made y the humans reach th devats..if he is not there..there is no rituals of birth, marriage, death etc..
They should accept his importance and if they agree to sing his praise or they’ll see his wrath..he infact makes them read a pledge (reminds me of the pledge we used have during school days.. ‘Bharat humari matriboomi hai..’) the pledge says that they agree and acknowledge him the main diet during any yagya or pooja..the significant one of all the devtas.

Then Mahadev comes in disguise on a horse…says undoubtedly he is important in devtas but everyone (devtas) do have equal importance and role in the world’s betterment..and this, the god too didn’t object and saw them all with equal eye.
As the god has given all these elements to the humans in equal amount and if any of the elements get imbalanced then there will arise a huge problem.
Agni dev asks who the hell is he?
Mahadev tells that its not wrong to say his significance in public but to shove his words down their throats and disillusioning the others is what he objects to..

Mahadev tells that he better not do such stupidity as its Dwarka- SriKrishn’s Dwarka.
Krishna back er is smiling on something when Rukmini asks him abt it…Krishna replies there is nothing to laugh on what he is thinking.
Rukmini insist him to tell…Krishna shares that a father is trying to explain a son to leave the stubbornness…even giving his son options.
But the son instead is challenging the father…hearing this Rukmini devi says that its uncivilized behavior…Krishan agrees..and continues..that the son has no clue what can a father do if he gets angry.
Rukmini devi tells that she couldn’t find any humor in that..Krishna tells that’s why he said it was nothing important.

Agnidev warns Mahadev in disguise to leave or he wont be accountable for the consequences…
Mahadev tells that the great one never give up the act and their consequences..its just an option..Agnidev doesn’t understand and feels offended and decides to give an example to the humans for result of not listening to him..he’ll have to punish him.
Mahadev gracefully accepts the challenge and says that if Agnidev defeats hhim then he’ll agree to it that he is the most powerful one of all.
Everyone at devlok and etc are shocked to hear this.

Then Agnidev directs the balls of fire on Mahadev…and Mahadev makes it disappear…nothing effects him. Agnidev is shocked to see this..Agnidev repeatedly attacks him and get defeated..
Then Agnidev tells that he must be some kind of magician or asura.
If he has courage n power they both should what Agnidev challenges..they take canes and fight..agnidev everyone loses a point he is abt to get pierced by the sharp canes but Mahadev saves him. Then as Mahadev walks away, people laugh at Agnidev… Agnidev again attacks him and the fight. He attacks Mahadev..but Mahadev fights back and breaks his cane..
Maahdev tell agnidev to give up the arrogance or else he’d get humiliated n defeated every time. All his hard work to gain the purity, status n powers will be taken away from him.

The asuras ffeel vexed up that someone stopped Agnidev as whatever he destroyed they’ll rule..the guy gets defeated by a normal human…one of the asuras say that the human is nt normal..he must be some devta..and after seeing agnidev go away from there..they are sure that he’ll not stop for long..he’ll get back to work and they’ll rule teh place which get ruined by him.
They plan to use Agindev’s infamous acts for their gain.

back here K is practicing with his sword. The devtas go to him. Indr tells that he feels glad to see K practice weaponry and can guess K’s come back. K tells that Devsena pati is Agnidev.
Varundev informs him all abt Agidev’s arrogance and ruckus by torturing he has to come back.
K says that its unethical for him to even think of a post which is not even empty…
And till Agnidev leaves by himself or te post gets free he wont think of it. Indr convinces him saying that the world is in peril and he has to do something bt it K says that he’d fight for the betterment of the world .

At Shonikpur Anirudh is treated well..he starts walking slowly.,..Usha and Anirudh have a warm moment..their smle says it all..Anirudh says that he doesnt wish to go back..Usha tells her dream that her love story should be like Mahadev and Pravti dev’s. Anirudh tells that Parvati dveo’s father never was Mahadev’s enemy. Their clans would never unite..Usha is quite poistive abt things and assurance that this time their clans would share love. She says that she was born to do some great work..may be this is it

Banasur observes the flag flutters..he calls his minster..Vani comes and inquires whats the pb ..BS informs him the same…Vani tells may be cause of wind..but BS reasons that there is no wind over there yet the flag flutters.

Brhmdev goes to Mahadev and tells abt Agnidev’s hangover..he’s arrogance going to be misused..esply by asuras. He doesn’t realizes what he is doing..the world depends on him for its sustenance and if thing change then the workd will be i great danger as his purity and ppower will be stained and he will no longer be powerful n pure..which is perilous for the world. He has to redeem for his acts can the wolrd stay away from Agni for such a long period.
Mahadev tells that there will be one who is gonna stop him temporarily.


K tries to warn Agnidev who is busy in troubling the earthlings.
Usha n Anirudh marry with Parvat devi as their witness. Bansur sees this and is in rage.

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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