Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th June 2013 Written Update

An Asura approaches the Brahmin in penanace. His Om Namah Shivay’s jaap are intrupted by that Asura, who’s taken a Tiger’s form. Brhman calls Shivji to save his life. Shivji stands in between him & the Tiger. That Tiger disappears, comes from different directions, trys to scare Shivji, who finishes him through the power of his Trishul. That Brahmin falls in Shivji’s feet, he asks Shivji to resides in Kashi forever. Our Ksheersagar viewers are watching this.

Vishnuji asks Saraswatiji, you were waiting for this moment since long. She answers, yes, under Shivji’s protection, Vedas will be reach all. Knowledge will flourish in Shivji’s presence. This place will be known as Vyaghreswar Shiv ling.

Brhmaji leaves from Ksheersagar saying one of his Bhakta’s penanace is about to get over. (He is going to fall in a nice trap)
Sumali tells Ravan to take responsibality for his duties towards Asuras. He tells him, he’s got a new name Ravan. Irritated Sumali tells him Shivji will not come with him to Lanka. Ravan says he is not a poor Brhamin of Kashi, but is a very special Bhakta, till his Bhakti becomes flawless, till his special test is not taken, Shivji will not be pleased. Shurpanakha asks him what is he going to do?. Vibhishan comes with a cloth, says it is made as per your wish. Ravan opens, it has a Veena in Gold embroidered on that cloth. He says, I know a way, Shivji is pleased with my Music, I’ll use music as a medium to take him to Lanka. Sumali looks angry & confused.

Shivji & Parvati have reached the Bhavan made by Himavan for them. Parvati tells him, she always wanted to come to Kashi with her. Not like Kailash but similar to Kailsh this Bhavan is made. They are in the Garden. She tells him, she’ll always be with him as his Shakti, will not come in his path of compeleting his duties. He tells her Purush & Prakriti are compelte because of each other. She says inspite of being away from each other, we have always fulfilled our duties in different circumstances. He says soon one such circumstance is going to come up.
Those rishis comes to them , thanks Shivji for killing that asura & being present here as Vyaghreshwar Shivling. But the Veda’s are destroyed by that Asura. Shivji closes his eyes, Vedas appears again. He says an easy way of making these Vedas popular is by converting them into musical form. I know a person who has the capability of doing so.

Ravan feels his Aaradhya is calling him. He is about to leave. Sumali calls him as Dashanan, who corrects him to call himas Ravan, says my Aaradhya needs me. Sumali tells him Shivji is fooling him, The shiv Tandav Stotra was his creation but Shivji liked it because it was sung in his praise & look at the name he gave you, does it suit an Asura like you? Ravan says he is getting late, for the first time my Aaradhya needs me, I’ll not loose this opportunity. Now he’ll have to come with me.

Ravan reaches Kashi, meets Shivji, says he was waiting for this moment since a long time. Shivji tells him to spread knowledge of Vedas every where by converting them into their musical form. Only you can do this. Ravan is excited, says he’ll do it, but I have a respect. Shivji terlls him to ask. Ravan says I know Music, but you are the source of Music. I want to start it with you. Shivji agrees.

Precap: In presenceof many people of Kashi, Shivji plays Veena, Ravan sings. Vishnuji is hearing from Ksheersagar. Being pleased with Ravan’s efforts, Shivji agrees to give him what he wants.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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