Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 12th December 2013 Written Update

Lokanath tells Arimardan, it depends on your pov, you may get another chance in your lifetime to meet me again. Arimardan says your persona Is mesmarising that’s why my 2 ministers have fallen for your talks. His guard insists Lokanath should call Arimardan, Maharaj or Rajan. But Lokanath ignors. King thanks him for arranging Horses. Lokanath says looking after them is your duty, even these animals are your Praja. Arimardan boasts he can do anything he wishes. He sees abird flying, orders his guard to kill the bird. Injurd bird falls down. Lokanath picks up the bird, who is dead now, asks arimardan to make him alive. King laughs at his suggestion. Lokanath touches the bird, moves his hand on him, the bird gets his life back. He flys back to Sky.

Lokanath says this si power of love, energy of compassion. King says ignorants will fall for this miracle. Lokanath says those who considers this as a miracle are surely ignorant.
In Brhmaloka, Brhmaji, Saraswatiji, Vishnuji & Naradji are watching this. Naradji says Mahadev is preparing Manika for welfare os animals, but he is not aware of this now.
Indra goes to Dhenu & Surabhi in search of Kamadhenu. They refuse to help him. Surabhi expects Indra should realize his mistake.
Naradji says this may not be possible.
Suryadev is suspicious about things happening around them. Arunasur comes there. Suryadev is shocked seeing him. Arunasur says, Indra’s behaviousr is not right. He got the news from Patal Loka, about Daityas been removed from Swarga. All Devas are surprised hearing this. He says this happened after you all left Swarga. A big injustice is done to you by Indra. You all can leave this place, but before that you must see the place I’ve made specially for all of you. He leaves. Other Devas tells Suryadev, he is un necessarily suspecting arunasur, they are so much respected here. Suryadev thinks he must find the truth to make other Devas aware of Arunasur’s reality.
He meets King’s minister who brought them here, asks him, his king is so generous, powerful why they never heard about him in Swarga? Minister answers, if someone has brought given them a place to stay when they were in search of a shelter, then he should think about those good moments instead of questioning more. I need to meet the king for an important work.
He meets Arunasur, informs him about 5 kaksh for the Devas are ready. Arunasur says they are not going anywhere, now they will serve the purpose they are brought here for.
In Arunasur’s court, some men gets a woman accusing her of killing her own son while practicing Tanta-Mantra. That woman is crying , says she was preparing medicine for her sick son, but before she could give that medicine, he died. One man accuse her of lying. Arunasur hits that man, tells him, a mother always cares for her child, takes all his problems on her. A mother can never kill her son. Those who treates woman in this manner will be killed henceforth. He asks his mimister to arrange her son’s last rites. All the while he was looking at those 5 Devas faces, who were present there too. Except Suryadev all were highly impressed.

Precap: Arimardan orders killing Manika, accusing him of making all the Horses run away. Shivji is watching this.
Arunasur convinces all the Devas to atleast once be inside the Kaksh he’s made for them. Varundev enters one of them. SuryaDev tells him not to. Arunasur hits him.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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