Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 11th March 2013 Written Update

The married couple now gets some privacy.
Parvati devi says (telepathically to Shiva who is standing in front of her ) how she feels whenever she is around him, alone. The strange ting that she feels is something beyond her understanding. Each time she thinks of sharing her desires to him but she fears if her plea might get rejected!

Shiva goes to his wife and tells, this day they are married to each other and still she keeps her desires in her mind then why she does she hesitate.

Parvati devi says Does he loves her?
Mahadev asks if it is a question or an answer?

She asks why does he love her so much? (aww how romantic!)

Shiva says there is no reason for love, its never selfish, pure. And if at all there is any reason and the love is exhausted then that is not called Love.
Love is eternal, there is no end to it. Then he asks her abt her desires…

She tells him when he went to Patal lok after Vishnu dev to bring him back she waited for a very long time and there was a time when she even thought she lost him.
Since a long time she couldn’t feel his presence in her life even if he was near… thus she requests Mahadev to increase the time of their togetherness.
Mahadev accepts her plea for it.
Parvati devi feels esthetic and embraces Mahadev.

Shiva says that he’d fulfill all her desires till she wishes.. he’d take her to a place where they being in the world wont feel it that way.

Then in the morning Parvati devi gets ready… as she holds her vermilion box she in her mind tells.. she feels over joyed to marry him again.. to live those moments again.. which was not needed though.

She is reminded of her phere with Mahadev and everyone showering flowers at them.
Then she puts on the vermilion onto her forehead reminding herself of how Mahadev has put it on their wedding day.

Then as she puts on her neckless she gets reminded of SHiva putting the black beads on to her neck and all those vows they took.

Its cause of her previous birth that she is his wife and he is her husband.
He would look after her in thick and thin.
She would be brave in the times of adversity and be happy while happiness comes.
she would look after the family till she lives.
clothes, jewelery and make up ; she would have her freedom.
In household her acknowledgement of things will be of great importance.
She would follow his orders. And become a aprt of his discipline and would become his Annapurna.
He’d eat whatever she makes and would never satisfy his hunger with another women’ s hands.. No other women would never become his Annapurna.
SHe would do all work with him in speech, mind and body .
In her absence he would never anything which includes dharm, yagy and reason.
She’d help him in Yagy, hom.

Except for him she would never even think of participating in yagy, reason (arth) amd dharm with anyone.
In places like garden, park and entertainment place they’d go together!
Where ever he is she’d be there and she’d never con or get conned by her dear.
He’d never give up her being /sitting vamang

Every here stands as witness of he becoming her husband and she his wife. And she has dedicate herself to him.
Mahadev says that he will ever respect her and her desires are equal to his.. he’d never think less of her. She’d live forever with him and he with her.

Then Devi Pravti comes back to the present moment.
After a while Parvati devi and Mahadev walk on a barren land with just moonlight illuminating the path.
Parvati devi point ut the same thing taht its just a barren land.
Then Shiva asks her to close her eyes for a while

Precap: none

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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