Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahadev arise into actual face. Mahadev calls the shivling as pisachasver shivling and by worship of this shivling, people can set free from pisach. Jivak says, please tell me the exact path so that we will not distract from path. Mahadev says, if people will be on truth, obedient and help others and dont have greedy in his heart, only that person will not go into pisach. If people will think sadness on other’s wellness then you are transferring into pisach, so thats why you will convert into pisach. Everybody gives slogan of mahadev. Narad ji gets happy to see Kartikayen and says, i think now these weapons will not used because prithvi devi met with rohitang and after that rohitang’s heart is going to transform. Kartikayen request to narad ji that teach rohitang music and by this, he will comes near to pitaji. Rohitang thinks about previous conversation and says to statue that to whom will trust, whether you or on brother? It may be possible that maa is not saying truth or else brother is saying false. How it is getting difficult to know you father? Narad ji comes in front of rohitang and says, i am narad, i came here to meet you. Rohitang says, i am hearing music but i didnt get any source. Narad ji says, if music will hear in your ears then you are going to truth and now you are going into right path. Narad ji says, Do you really want to learn music? If you will learn music from me then i will think that i am successful in my journey. Rohitang says, this is time of my war practise. Narad ji says, music is also in war. narad ji teach music to rohitang. Rohitang learning music very fastly. Mahadev gets happy to listen music of rohitang. Narad ji says, i am not surprised to see that you are full of music. Rohitang says, i am feeling very good and very thankful to you that you have teach me music. Narad ji gives veena to rohitang and says, now you will practise regularly. Rohitang says, will you come again? Narad ji says, yes, i will definitely come. Dev kampan comes into patal lok and andhak welcomes them. Andhak says to rohitang that he came here to teach you. Dev kampan says, i will teach him but it will take some time thats why i will bring him with me.
Andhak says, he has power of capturing knowledge. Rohitang says to himself, it is wrong and i got know about mahadev.
Andhak ask from rohitang, what happened? Rohitang says, i dont want to know learn this knowledge. Dev kampan gets angry and andhak assures that rohitang will get the knowledge. Dev kampan says, now i am going and if he wants to learn the knowledge then he will have to come on my door. Andhak says to rohitang, say sorry to dev kampan. Rohitang says, no. Dev kampan moves out from there. Andhak also gets angry.
Andhak ask, what happen rohitang? Rohitang says, i cannot accept your order. Andhak says, when will i give you order and i have some expectation and i am doing only for asur progress. Rohitang says, can i not do anything. Andhak says, it is really for difficult to get teacher like dev kampan. Rohitang says, isnt bad for me of getting knowledge of violence. Andhak says, where are you getting this knowledge. Rohitang says, i cannot opposing you but doesnt have any option for me. Andhak shouts on rohitang.
Andhak says, sometime we should reject our plan for others. ROhitang says, if people cannot hear his heart then he cannot represent people. ANdhak says, ok live your life. Rohitang says, i am feeling bad because you are not listening to me.

Precap:- Andhak forcing to bring laxmi mata to patal lok, brahma ji condemn it and andhak again says forcefully that he will bring mata laxmi to patal lok.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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