Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with mahadev says to biblarth that if you will not tell him about me then it is not good for him and then it will be his choice whether he will come closer to me or go far away from me. So now you just go and give information to him. Biblarth says, i am son of rishi dadhichi. Biblarth goes into flash back. In flash back, rishi dadhichi offers that by his bones, devta can win against brithrasur and every devta and tridev gives thanks to dadhichi. biblarth says, i am also son of rishi dadhichi and i am eager to give my life. Mahadev says, your father gives life for peace in this world and if you will give life then there is no result of it. now you just give him path, and you are doing that you dont know and rohitang will get so much in this journey.
Rishi comes and request him to take meal. rohitang says, no, if biblarth will not help me then i will destroy this ashram, so for that reason, i will not bound with any borrow.
Kartikaye comes and says, can i ask something? Why you ordered to tell about you to rohitang. He just want to know to fight with you, Instead this, you are telling everything to him. Mahadev says, its important for him and when he will again face me then he will get that it nothing for him and due to rohitang, something will happen in this world. But rohitang dont know about this. Kartikaye says, i just know one thing after this war, we have to pay much for it. Does tridev will have to pay for it. Mahadev says, yes.
Dev guru says to indra that you are looking so tensed but i dont know why are you so serious? Indra says, rohitang comes out from shankchur fort, i dont know what is he thinking? If i will on rohitang state then what will i do. Narayan is also in sleep otherwise he will help us. Now he will try to attack on narayan and now i will let know that who will help to rohitang on attacking narayan.
Shankchur see his soldiers then tulsi comes and says, its time to take this mala. shankchur says, it is not good for warrior. Tulsi says, i have not asking you for anything but please accept my proposal. Tulsi then see soldier and ask, why these soldiers are practising. shankchur says, rohitang has made plan and for that reason, we will battle against indra anytime. TUlsi says, i believe on my satitva thats why i dont fear of anything.
Rohitang meet with biblarth and see large shivling. Biblarth welcomes him. biblarth says, i am happy to see that you love to comes out from away from darkness. Rohitang says, i want to know everything about mahadev but dont tell the story that i know. I want to know that who have seen him first. Biblarth cleverly ask, when will i come here. Rohitang says, now. biblarth says, mahadev arise when nothing in this world. Rohitang says, it means you dont know anything about mahadev. Biblarth says, i know everything that nobody know about mahadev generation and somebody tell me to tell you everything about mahadev. rohitang says, who has tell this. Biblarth says, you dont know him.
Rohitang says, you dont know that when will mahadev will born. but that shivling and agni ling. Biblarth says, you are really renowned person, who know this thing. rohitang says, i will play only with weapons and dont put in puzzle.

Precap:- brahma dev says to mahadev that now rohitang will know about you. indra with all devta discuss that who will attack on narayan.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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