Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th January 2014 Written Update

At Kailash all devtas including the Kritikas meet Shiva… Mahadev observes Indr running behind Kartiekay who is in his fire from…

Ganesh and Nandi try to stop Kartikeya who is in the form of a fire ball…but then Mahadev and others come… but Kartikeya stays in his fire form.. then Mahadev with his Trishul tries to calm Kartkeya and he gets back to his normal form.

Shiva says that he wishes to tak to his son in private.. at that moment Indr tries to wak away.. Parvati devi stops him and is angry at his antics… she advances wd to curse him.. even after Brhasptai’s request she never listens and rants at Indr for misleading her son… When Mahadev asks Paravti devi to calm down she ends up giving Indr

one last chance and if he tries to mislead her son or any other kid she’ll curse him.

Again Mahadev asks everyone to give his son n him some privacy.. obliging to it everyone leaves except Paravti devi..
Mahadev speaks to K “don’t you still get what you have done.. rise above ur emotions.. you are the senapati of the devtas.. you have duties to look after.. each step u take will effect the world. Don’t do any action without thinking..or the consequence will be faced by the whole world. ”

Then Devi Parvati, lovingly explains K… that this time you but not your parents have misunderstood things n didn’t believe, it was never about his promise but to stop the rucks that Arunasur was to create. this significant decision was nothing to do with him ..a hurt Kartikeya says ‘it was never to do with me..was it ever? ‘

Parvati ma is pained to listen to this and so is Mahadev..Mahadev consoles Parvati devi.

BAck here Arunasur is deep in penance – he meditates on Devi Parvati’s name.. his followers look after him.. when an old guy comes and tells them that he knew Arunasur’s mother..and that whatever he is doing now is perilous for him …the followers never budge and swear not to disturb Arunasur’s penance till the end..

Devsena at Kailash apologizes to Nandi n Ganesh on her husband’s behalf.. Ganesh says if K was in his place he would have done the same… aParvati devi asks why does she look so worried.. Devsena tells that she has failed in carrying out a wife’s duty.. Mahadev asks her to calm down. Parvati devi feels sad as K has cast away himself from Kritika lok too.. on asked by Devsena, where he would go..Shiva replies, the place where he’d find peace and some answers.. Kheersagar

K goes to Kheersagar,..and requests that he wishes to speak to his mama..(uncle)..K wishes that Vishnuji understands his decision of taking such a big decision.. K puts his heart down before Vishnuji that – a weird problem.. he knws Devraj Indr did and the purpose behind it but what will he do blaming those very questions troubled him from the start…who exactly he(K) is?
Is he a son, or a warrior?
Since birth he grew up at Kritika lok and one day you get to know that the truth you accepted was all fake.. he is Mahadev n Parvati devi’s son…whiich was still shocking for him.. and then he was justa kid who wished to have a normal life.. a loving family- but was at such fragile age given training to fulfill his preplanned destiny of killing a guy, even before he came in terms with the fact . His father became his guru first and then a father..
K was always expected to fight an unknown guy. A child who needed love and affection..was handed weapons… he accepted that fact too.. but then everyone wanted him to become the lord of devtas.. but his dad chose Indr over him and he was sent far in south…and til date he is following his father’s orders.

He never became their son.. like Ganesh.. he was not even a son to he can’t think himself knowing his true self – who he actually is
..A senapati or a son ..?
Mahadev realizes the unsettled emotional baggage that K has been carrying all the while
Vishnun ji says ‘both!’

K says ‘No mamaji if I was a better son then I would have thought them as my life and just like Ganesh did n would have done pradakshina around his parents..would have got my parent’s love n blessings..and if I was a sennapati wthen I would have never given Arunasur sucha promise..its my fault..That one moment I forgot that I was a senapti.. I saw Arunasur’s plight.. he too was craving for love n affection of his mother as he did all the time ”
K feels he has failed as a son n a senapati

Mahadev is pained to know this n tears flow from his eyes..

Precap: The ultimate battle of Arunasur and Mahadev..

Update Credit to: sankalp_prapti

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