Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 10th January 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Ganesha touching Parshuram and Parshuram jerks back in anger on having Ganesha touch him with the hand he used to eat.Parshuram glowers at Ganesha for daring to touch him with his used hands,Kartikeya sensing Parshurams anger tells him that Ganesha is his little brother and doesnt know who he is and requests him not to be angry with his brother.Parshuram says he will go and cleanse himself-when he comes back Ganesha should allow him to enter.

Parshuram Leaves and Ganesha asks Kartikeya who is he and why is he so angry?.
Kartikeya narrates the story of Parshuram(simultaneously flashbacks are shown)

Parshuram is the 6th Avatar of Lord Vishnu.He was born as Ram to Renuka and Saptarishi Janadagni.He was a student of Mahadev who taught him warfare-impressed with his skills Mahadev gifted him a Parshu/Axe and hence he came to be known as Parshuram.

Meanwhile Rishi Jamadagni used to serve people,hence Indradev gifted him Kaamdhenu so that he should provide people with more food.However one day King Kartavirya of the Haihaya asked for Kaamdhenu but Jamadagni refused to give it.One his refusal King Kartavirya killed Rishi Jamadagni,and his wife Renuka died with the grief of loosing her husband.

Parshuram vowed to kill King Kartavirya,and hence one day kills him with the same Parshu given to him by Shiva.Since then Parshuram bears the same anger of the vengence of his fathers death.

Parshuram returns and Kartikeya tells him that he has told Ganesha who is is.Ganesha on his part respectfully gives his salutations to Parshuram.Parshuram says since Ganesha is a child he forgives him.

Parshuram asks Ganesha to let him meet Mahadev.Ganesha politely refuses saying he under no circumstances will break his promise-Ek Baar Maine Vaccha De Diya Toh De Diya.Parshuram is angered and warns Ganesha of the consequences.Ganesha again politely tries to make him understand,while Parshuram raises his Parshu to attack Ganesha.

Kartikeya jumps in to protect his brother as Ganesha tells them not to fight they can solve this peacefully too.However Parshuram manages to throws his axe at Ganesha.And hence Ganesha’s tusk/tooth is cut.Parshuram realizes he has done a mistake.

Ganesha screams in pain as everyone hears him.Parvati immidiately arrives at the scene and the Ganas arrive too.Parvati is upset on seeing Ganeshas broken tooth and asks him who did it.An Angry Parvati asks Kartikeya who did this.

Kartikeya says that Ganesha tried very hard to make Parshuram understand yet he attacked him.Parvati glares at Parshuram when Mahadev arrives.Mahadev tells her not to get angry-Parshuram is like thier son.Parvati says if Parshuram really was thier son he wouldnt have done such a thing.

Meanwhile at Ksheersagar Vishnu smiles and says now the Prathampujya Devta(the one who will be worshipped first) has come before everyone.

Everyone-the Rishis,the Devtas along with Vishnu,Lakshmi,Bramha,Saraswati,Narad reaches there.

Vishnu says that Ganesha will be Pratham Pujya amongst all Devtas.Kartikeya says why him-i dont know what is so special in him?.
Hence Mahadev assigns them the task of the race-whoever takes three rounds of the world and wins will be Prathampujya.

Update Credit to: shruti

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