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The room’s darkness was scary. He left a breath making the dust fly momentarily. He wondered how the dust was depended on air for it’s movement. As per the creation rules everything on earth is depended on other thing. It sounded similar to the Universal Gravitational Law he studied in college.


“I will go there” said Sanskar getting up. “Sanky no. You know it’s dangerous” Ram spoke. “Dad she is my wife and I will snatch her even from death” said he.

“Shesh is dangerous than death Sanky” Vikram spoke. “And my love is stronger than his obsession and I will prove it” said he. “You don’t know him Sanky. He will not harm Ragini even if he has to sacrifice his life for her. But if someone tries to snatch her from him he will not end their life but will make their life a hell” said Vikram.

“And moreover we can’t exactly track his den” said Raman. “Yes. Even I have gone to his den but my eyes were always covered with black cloth until I reach the main gate and 10 kms radius across his bungalow is equipped with jammers which will make any cellphone non working. Only after you enter the gate if you switch on the mobile his den can be traced. That too for a very short span of time” said Vikram.

“That means..” Rohan spoke. “That means only I can let you people know about the exact coordinates of his den and…” he paused. “You may lose your life if he came to know about your intentions” said Raman. “More precisely for knowing Ragu’s location I have to lose my life” said he smiling with tears in his eyes.

“Vikky” said Rohan. “I deserve this Rohan. Somewhere I’m also responsible for Pari dee’s death by encouraging Shesh in this business. I have to repent for my mistakes. I’m the worst brother in the world” said he painfully.

“You are the best brother in the world” Ragini’s voice made him jerk and he looked at the direction from where the sound came.

“Ragu told me to give you this message on your birthday next week” said Rohan forwarding the video. Vikram held it and looked at it.

“If I could live my childhood again I would definitely ask your company bro. You are the only reason I don’t miss Pari maa so much. I love you and I will always love you. Happy birthday big bro. I don’t know I will be able to meet you again but you know we are always connected through our hearts. Happy birthday again” she gave him a flying kiss and the message ended.

Momentary presence of her made Sanskar’s heart flutter with joy. How much he missed her no words could describe nor the emotions could describe.

“So it is decided Vikky will go there tomorrow night” said Ram and Vikram nodded his head in positive.

“Yess. Got the coordinates” screamed Raman as Vikram’s mobile switched on when he was being thrown from the cliff. God heard his prayer.  “Now it’s time for the conclusion for mission DEVIL” Raman spoke forwarding his hand. Sanskar placed his hand and then Rohan and Adarsh shook his head and at last placed his hand and they formed a fist group.

******END of Flashback*******

A drop of blood fell on the ground as the door opened with a creaking sound and made the light rays enter the room. He heard foot steps and after some time a pull on his hair.

“You can’t separate her from me. She is in my soul” Sanskar smiled looking at Shesh who had held his hair and lifted Sanskar’s head. The blood in his mouth had covered his teeth.

“And you can’t separate me from her as I live in her fears” Shesh smirked throwing Sanskar’s head away. “You won’t get her love ever Shesh whatever you try. Even if you kill me, you won’t win her” Sanskar’s words stopped him at the door.

“My love is enough to keep her near me. And about winning her when she is with me for forever it really doesn’t matter I won or lost as all I need in my life is her presence and for that I will go to any extent” Shesh banged the door behind.

Again the darkness covered his eyes and it became dead silence. He tried again to open the ropes and this time it loosened a bit more. He cannot stop trying at any cost. He has to take his wife and kid safely from here. He cannot stop trying.


A hand held the edge of the cliff and the blood stains on it indicated he was injured severely. Raman’s head slightly moved up from the cliff and he looked at the men who were guarding the bungalow. He somehow escaped everyone’s sight and reached the backyard of the bungalow. His chest pained where he was hit with a bullet.

He held the wound tightly to prevent the bleeding. He winced in pain silently. He had taken bullets number of times this pain wasn’t new to him.

“Promise me you will protect her. Protect her always. I lost my kid Raman in this mission and I cannot lose her” he bent his head sobbing her hand. “I promise Ishu. Until I’m alive nothing will happen to Ragu. I promise”

He landed in present when he heard a rustling sound and hid himself in a small bush. A guard looked around there and walked away when he did not find anyone.

He walked back to the wall. It was the wall below Ragini’s room. “I have to reach her as soon as possible” he thought as he tried climbing the wall.

“You think I’m some fool to drink the badam milk. You mixed Badam powder in both the glasses. I think you forgot that point” Shesh spoke as he saw Gulabo and Sanskar walking together.

Raman was alert but before he could act Shesh’s men held him and removed his make up of a lady. “Your voice said it all on the first day Mr. Raman Bhalla. If you people know about us don’t you think we will also know which police officer is tracking us?” he smirked caressing the gun.

“You moron if you are a man then fight me directly” said Raman trying to get of the hold of the body guards. “Sorry Gulabo ji mai ladies pe haath nai utha tha. Though they are duplicate with orange fitting” chuckled Shesh.

He slapped Sanskar hard “But I do hit their duplicate husbands” “Shesh” screamed Raman and Sanskar’s lip was bleeding with a finger prints on his cheek.

“And I do shoot the duplicate women” he said as he pressed the trigger and the bullet landed in Raman’s chest. Raman’s eyes opened wide when the blood oozed out of his chest. Sanskar gasped looking at Raman horrified. “Raman Bhai” screamed Sanskar and Shesh banged Sanskar’s head making him unconscious.

Raman was thrown down the cliff but he was still breathing. He held the cliff and waited there for the right time.

******Flashback ends******

Ragini passed through a door. His breath could reach her and she felt his presence. She walked near to the door and placed her hand on it.


“One two three” Ragini counted as she closed her eyes and Sanskar searched a place to hide behind. Ragini was counting still. Sujata hid in her kingdom her kitchen and Ram hid in study room and Adarsh hid in his room. Piyu hid behind the curtains of her room.

“Ninety Nine Hundred” she finished counting and at last Sanskar found the store room and hid himself. Ragini looked around. She tried searching everyone but could not. She pouted and walked up. Piyu chuckled when Ragini left her room not able to find her.

As she was walking across the door of the store room she felt his breath. She approached it and placed her hand on the door. She felt his presence. There was no doubt that they had bonded so close to each other that they could feel each others presence through the wall.

She entered the room and caught him. “Yess yess” she jumped in happiness. He held her and closed her mouth. She looked in his eyes. “Not bad Ghonchu. You caught me” he said leaning close to her. She blushed and lowered her eyes feeling his closeness.

“How did you find me?” he asked her touching his forehead with hers. “Love Ghajni Maheshwari. Chahe jitne bhi dur chale javo. Mai tume issi pyar se kheench lavungi” said she and pecked his lips.

He captured her lips and she widened her eyes in shock. As he dragged her out of his hold he spoke “So you confess you love me?” he asked her smirking.

“I never said that. Assumption king” she said and tried walking out. He held her and dragged her back to him. “And wherever you go Ghonchoo tujhe wapas tho mai hi lavunga” said he hugging her from back and kissed her ears sending shivers down her spine.

******Flashback ends*****

She placed her hand on the door and she felt her heart beat racing. “Angel” Shesh’s voice jerked her. She withdrew her hand back and turned to him. “What are you doing here. I told you this are is being renovated and you should not come here in this state” he held her and walked from there. She felt something slipping from her hand.

She felt her nerves stiff and blood cold. He made her lie on the bed and covered her with the quilt.

She felt the sleep dragging her to an unknown land. A land of her dreams at least there she could live with him happily. At least there was a happily ever after.

Shesh kissed her forehead and walked out of her room turning the lights off.

He sat on the rocking chair in his room. “If you don’t retreat now you know your end is on it’s way” he read the message. All his life incidents replayed in his mind from the time he met his Angel.  He was unaware the new dawn is up to. If he had the slight clue.

And here is the first precap ever of my life.

A gun shot and the world stopped for someone there.

Okay next is the last episode of the Book.  Hope you loved Shesh as much as I have loved him. Evil is bad but I can’t resist myself from loving him.

And some people are disappointed due to me I’m really sorry about it. I’m sorry I wasted your time.

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  6. Small ragsan was cute one question about how pari ma die you mention she did in order to save ragini but how and why and how shesh is involved in that why you are ending this ff now we are understanding this plz extend this showing some cute ragsan

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