a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 29 & 30)

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Chapter 29 & 30 ~
Kunj & Twinkle were broken into pieces.
[ Kaat’ta hoon lakhon lamhe, Kat’te nahin hain]

[Saaye teri yaadon ke, hat’te nahin hain] (×2)

[Sukh gaye hain aansun, teri judaai ke]

[Palkon se phir bhi badal, chhat’te nahin hain]

[Khud ko main hasaun kaise]

[Maane na manaun kaise, tu bata]

[Roke na ruke naina]

[Teri aor hai inhen toh rehna]

[Roke na ruke naina]
Twinkle’s bitter memories gets freshen seeing Kunj, the memories which she wanted to forget. Kunj’s guilt was making him feel the worst creature. He doesn’t had a reason to live, he wanted to die there only but her smiling face came in front of his eyes awakening a ray of hope in him.
[Hathon ki lakeerein do milti jahan hain]

[Jisko pata hai bata dey, jagah wo kahan hai] (×2)

[Ishq mein jaane kaisi ye bebasi hai]

[Dhadkano se mil kar bhi, dil tanha hai]

[Doori main mitaun kaise]

[Maane na manaaun kaise, tu bata]

[Roke na ruke naina]

[Teri aor hai inhen toh rehna]

[Roke na ruke naina]
Twinkle was shown walking on the road. Her eyes filled with tears. Her heart beating faster.
T – (in mind) ‘Kunj, you can’t reverse what you’ve done. You can’t rectify your mistakes..! Tum ker hi nhi skty! Meri family mujhe wapis nhi dy skty tum. Mera pyaar mujhe nhi dy skty..! Tum kuch nhi ker skty!’
Kunj was walking lifelessly on the footpath. His eyes were bloodshot red. Tear falling down from his eyes.
K – (in mind) ‘Twinkle, I’ll rectify every mistake of mine. I’ll reverse what I did. I’ll correct all the incorrections. I’ll return your family to you! I’ll return your love, Twinkle. That’s my promise.’
Twinkle’s flat’s bell rang breaking her trance of thoughts. She got up and opened the door. Her eyes got widened seeing the one in front of her..!!
T – ‘T…t..tu…tum..!!!’
(I’ll reveal later who is on the door.. suspense., u knw..!! ?????? tb tk keep thinking..!!)
In morning ~
Twinkle came out of her house to go to the market. She was walking on the street when a masked man came and stopped her way. She got scared. The man took out the knife and held her wrist. He put the knife on her throat. She was numb.
T – ‘See, if you want to take my phone you can. I’ll also give you the money but please leave me. Please!’ She said pleading to him.
Man – ‘I don’t want your blo*dy money. I want you and I’ll take you with me.’
As he said this, Twinkle felt like she had listened this voice before too. She tried to remember but her mind didn’t supported her. She brushed the thoughts away. Tears rolled down her eyes as she thought of her child.
T – (crying) ‘Dekho tum jo bhi ho meri jaan chod do, please. Mujhe jaany do. I m pregnant.. please let me go. I want to give birth to this child. Please.’ Her voice trembled as she got scared about her child’s safety. She really wanted to give birth to this child.
The man looked at her stunned. His eyes welled up with tears, happiness was clearly visible through his eyes. He didn’t thought of anything and tied the cloth on her mouth and tied her hands lightly with a rope so that it doesn’t hurt her. Twinkle kept on protesting but of no use. He picked her up and put her in the car and drove off.

Next Scene ~
Twinkle was resting on her head on the seat as she was tired of trying to free her hands. He was driving the car when stopped in the middle. He turned around and smiled looking at an exhausted Twinkle. He put off the cloth from her mouth and started driving again.
T – ‘Kon ho tum?? Chahty kya ho mujhse???’
Man – ‘Pyaar…!!’ He whispered.
T – ‘U said something?’
Man – ‘No, nothing!’
T – ‘Please leave me! What will you get by killing me. Agr mujhe maarne ke koi paisy deta to me maanti lekin mujhr maarne ke kon paisy dega, me to itni cute hun!’ She said in a childish tone to which he hardly controlled his laughter.
Man – ‘Don’t worry, you’ll get to know soon where I m taking you! This is for your benefit only!’
T – ‘Arry is mein kya khaak mera benefit hai…!! Someone is kidnapping me nd the kidnapper himself is saying that its for my benefit.’
Man – (smiling at her cute talks) ‘Tumhe bolny ki beemari hai!’
As soon as Twinkle heard this, her face went gloomy. Her eyes welled up with tears. He realizez what he just said and cursed himself.
T – ‘Tum kon ho?’ (Who are you?)
He was surprised at this sudden question. He didn’t know what to answer. He thought he shouldn’t have said that.
Man – ‘Me kon dikh raha hun!’
T – ‘Nhi, wo actually ye line wo bolta tha!’ She said getting lost in her past. She reminisces how Sid used to say this line when she kept on blaberring and irritating him with her talks.
Man – ‘Kon bolta tha??’ He still asked though he knew that.
T – ‘Chodo na..! Wait a sec. We r on highway? Whyyy???’ She asked as she saw the surroundings. They were on highway.
T – ‘Please leave me na..! You won’t get anything by kidnapping me. You won’t get any money because I don’t live with my family.’ She said making him lost. Tears formed in his eyes.
Man – ‘I’ll surely get something for which I m yearning and in return you’ll also get something!’
T – ‘What will you get? When there is no one to pay the ransome.’
Man – ‘I’ll get free from guilt!’ He spoke unknowingly.
T – ‘Guilt??’ She questioned being confused.
Man – ‘Yeah..! Wait, I m the kidnapper and you’re talking to me like you know me from years…!’
T – ‘Hmm I was thinking the same. Me kisi se itna free nhi hoti but I feel like I know you from many years!’ She said thinking. His eyes sparkled yet he showed attitude.
Man – ‘Quiet. Not a word more. You are speaking non stop.’
She got scared as he said in a louder voice. She got silent and looked out of the window. He saw her in the back mirror and his eyes got filled with tears.
Man – (thinks) ‘I m sorry…!! But I need to do this.’
Some time later….
T – ‘Mujhe bhook lagi hai…!!’ (I m hungry..!)
He didn’t said anything and continued driving.
T – ‘Huhh kitne bare devil ho tu….!’ Her sentence was left in the middle as the word ‘devil’ reminds her of the great devil Kunj Sarna. He looked at her through the back mirror, their eyes met for a second. Their was an awkward silence filled in the environment.
After a few minutes, the car suddenly got stopped. The man came out and noticed the tyres. The back tyre was punctured so the car got stopped.
T – ‘What happened????’
Man – ‘Tyre is punctured…!!’
T – ‘So change the tyre na…! Or fix the puncture.!’
Man – ‘Ummm.. I don’t know how to…!!’
T – ‘Whattt??? U r a kidnapper and u don’t know how to fix the puncture..!’
He bowed his head.
T – ‘Well… come here…’ She asked him to come near the car window where she was sitting. He came near her.
T – ‘I’ve a solution!’
Man – ‘Whatt??’
T – ‘I know how to fix the puncture..! Free my hands and I’ll do it..!’
Man – ‘No way! What if you ran away??’
T – ‘Arryy…!! I promise I’ll not…!! Nd moreover what will I do on this highway..!! That too alone..!’
Man – ‘Hmm point…!’
T – ‘So free my hand na..!’ She said and he opened the car’s door…! She came out and he freed her hands..!
Before he could realize anything, Twinkle removed the mask from his face. He was surprised at her sudden act. He was revealed to be none other than Kunj. (I know tum sb ko pehly hi pata chal gaya hogaaa…!!’ ??)
She folds her hands and stood there looking at him. He didn’t know how to react.
T – ‘bht hi bakwass actor ho..! Mujhse classes ly lety..!!’ She said in her attitude. The old Twinkle Taneja was back, Sid’s Jasmin was back. The Miss. Attitude was back and The Miss. Emotional was gone. He looked at her startled on her sentence and attitude. She had a smirk on her face. They both goes into a flashback….!!!!

Episode ends…

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