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Episode 3

Two weeks have been passed, Ishwar tried his best to convince Kusum in school matter but all went failed .In other hand Kusum fully involved in deal with minister which can give her more money.
School have been started all the students started going to school. Its morning the road which looks lonely for few months now filled with students doing by cycle and by walk. All are very happy to go back to school why not the school which give them teachers who guided them and treated them as their children, friends who support them and to do masti fun etc.

Our devanshi and sakshi also got ready to school. They are going by walking with their friends. All are talking and laughing suddenly devanshi’s leg got slipped by a stone on the road she is about to fell but suddenly a hand hold devanshi’s hand and pulled her. It happened in fraction of seconds devanshi tightly closed her eyes in the fear of falling, she slowly open her eyes only to see a pair of eyes looking at her with worried expression. He makes her stand properly and started to scold her.

Boy (with angry look)-can’t you walk properly don’t you have eyes to see the stone in the way. I think only you have mouth which speaks nonstop always bakbak (tease her with angry look).

Devanshi (got angry on his behavior)-hey angry bird how dare you to scold me what you told I am always bakbak then what about you always in angry avatar don’t you know to speak soft anyway I don’t want to spoil my mood thank you so much for helping me but that does not mean you can scold me.It happened by mistake and I have my two eyes working properly I am standing in front of you looking into your eyes and talking it’s the proof for my eyes.

Boy (got more angry and raised his forefinger in front of her face)-hey bakbak.

Devanshi (hold his finger with her hand)-hey (the moment devanshi hold his hand he become numb and remembered some old memories of a child holding a boy).

Seeing him like a statue and eyes filled with tears devanshi lightly shake him. He came back to sense and removes his hand from her hold back to angry avatar.

Devanshi seeing his anger look (to friends) – arey see girls again he is back to his original look. Her friends laugh seeing him (To boy) do you know Vardaan (yes guys it’s Vardaan) I kept you perfect name angry bird it really suit you best you are looking cute in this (try to pull his cheeks).

Vardaan (hold her hands)-sorry for helping you I did very big mistake by hold you from falling.

Before devanshi try to say anything he holds her shoulder and pushes her back she fall down on the mud and her dress get spoiled.

Devanshi (angrily shout)-Vardaan

Vardaan –no need to thank me bakbak you are most welcome bye. (Went by passing her).

Devanshi angrily got up started scolding him then she told her friends to go to school and she along with sakshi went back to home as sakshi don’t want to do without devanshi.

In home Sakshi told everything what happened to her maa. Sarala started laughing by seeing her daughter’s look who was fully covered with mud.

Sarala (pulls her cheeks)-you are so cute in this look wait I will click you a photo in this so that I can show it to everyone.

Devanshi (looking at both with cute innocent look) – maa you too teasing me.

Sarala(holding her ears)- okay okay sorry I won’t tease you but why always you and Vardaan are like tom and jerry it started when you started going school few years passed till continues when will you both make a fulstop I have an idea let you both become friends then problem solved.

Devanshi (shocking expression) – friend with him that will never happen.(go inside the home.)

Sarala (smiles)-let’s see.

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