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Devanshi 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum talking to Mohan. Mohan asks why did you get Devanshi inside the temple. Nutan says Kusum thinks everything well and decides, you don’t use your mind, how can we keep girl in house, she will stay in temple as Kusum said, you go now. Kusum asks Mohan to send Sarla. Nutan asks why. Kusum says don’t ask much, she has to talk something imp. Nutan goes. Kusum signs Mohan. Mohan thinks it will be big problem for me if Devanshi stays in temple, I have to do something. Devanshi asks Sakshi to show her place to hide fast. Sakshi asks with whom are you playing. They think of the place. Sakshi tells her place to hide under bed. Devanshi says no, I will be found there. They think. Sakshi asks her to sit and she will hide her by sheet. Devanshi says if anyone sits on me then. Sakshi says where to hide you now. Devanshi sees the big hundi and gets inside it, asking Sakshi to put flowers on her. Sakshi pours flowers on her.

Kusum tells Sarla that you wanted to snatch this throne, see what did I snatch, your minister, by whom you wanted to snatch my powers, I snatched your Devanshi. She says you made a little girl stand against me as Choti mata, see I made her puppet and made her stand against you. She laughs and says you should always remember this, don’t try to get legs out of the sheets, else I will get your legs cut, go now and get Devanshi to me, if you act clever, then I will declare in the village that Maiyya told me in dream to kick out Sarla from the village. Sarla gets angry. Kusum says you have practice to get insulted and leave from the village. Kusum goes.

The men look for Devanshi. Ashutosh says she will be at home. Devanshi is hiding in the hundi/pot. Gopi looks around. Devanshi thinks she does not want to go away from Sarla and Omi. Sakshi asks why are they finding Devanshi. Omi says they came to take Devanshi, and Devanshi will not stay with us in this house now, she will stay in temple. Sakshi asks will Devanshi not come back now. The man asks them did Devanshi come home or not. Devanshi wishes Sakshi does not say anything. Gopi asks Sakshi to say, till we get Devanshi, ration will not come in this house. Ashutosh says I will see who stops electricity and ration.

Gopi says its Kusum’s command, we can go to any limit. Devanshi gets worried hearing them and comes out of the hundi. They all get shocked seeing her. She asks Gopi not to trouble her family. Ashutosh gets her out of the hundi. She runs and hugs Sarla. She asks Gopi not to take her, she can’t live without Sarla. Gopi asks her to just come. She refuses to go and asks why did Maiyya decide this. Ashutosh says Maiyya knows it, if you stay well there, maybe she will send you back. She asks really, I will go and stay as good girl. She asks Sarla to smile and see her once. Sarla stays angry. Ashutosh feels sorry to lie to her. Gopi takes Devanshi. Sakshi stops her and says let me talk to my sister once. Gopi says fine, talk.

Sakshi gives the doll to Devanshi and asks her to play with the doll. They cry. Devanshi says I wanted to meet Sarla well, but I will come back soon, take care of her, don’t let her cry. They all get sad. Devanshi is taken away. Mohan thinks to do something about Devanshi. Sarla thinks of Kusum’s words and is angry. Omi scolds her for not meeting Devanshi, she was thinking of you. Sarla asks what would happen if I went out and met her. Omi asks you forgot that Devanshi has cleaned the stain of you that you are Baanch, she gave you status of mother. Sarla says whatever, I thought she will take my revenge, I forgot that I can’t bet on her. She gets angry.

Kusum laughs and says Sarla, poor woman, she was making people believe Devanshi, she is a little girl infront of me. Gopi gets Devanshi to the temple. The rishi says world is not identifying this devi’s ansh, but Maiyya has sent her to end the crimes and sins.

Devanshi is sleeping. Kusum thinks where did Mohan go. Devanshi wakes up and sees the window. She goes to the well. Mohan sees her.

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