Devanshi 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 30th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people chanting Devanshi’s name. Kusum walks downstairs. She slips and falls in Ishwar’s feet. Ishwar smiles. Gopi and Nutan rush and hold Kusum. Inspector says Kusum will decide for you, she will punish you. He puts Mohan in cell. Omi laughs and welcomes Mohan in the lockup. He says I got to know your truth, what person sows, he has to reap it, this is called Maiyya’s justice. Mohan beats Omi. Omi laughs. Constables hold Mohan. Omi angers Mohan and says your life will be spent in jail, remember Devanshi has exposed you. Mohan shouts on him. Inspector asks constables to take Mohan. Omi laughs.

Jignesh says I will leave now, I felt good to help you all. Vardaan asks him to stay back for some days. Geeta says no, he helped us leaving his work, we should pay for the loss. Jignesh says no, I m lucky to meet this girl, don’t make me fall in my sight. Devanshi hugs him and says thanks, I will miss you, you helped us catch my parents’ culprits, I feel we have a relation, don’t go. Jignesh asks her to always call him if she needs help, he has Devi’s ansh, she has come to end sins, don’t cry. He sees Ishwar moving hands. He takes Ishwar’s blessings. Jignesh leaves.

Vardaan and Devanshi argue as always. They give credit to themselves for exposing Mohan. Geeta says they started again. They go. Vardaan recalls Devanshi shouting blood and asks what happened to you, what were you saying, blood, knife and murder. Devanshi says don’t know, I see hands wearing red bangles in dream. He says leave it, don’t think, we have to make Ishwar fine. Devanshi thinks.

Its night, Geeta wears widow clothes. She comes to Kusum and returns the bridal dress. She says Sarju is my life and everything, no one can take Sarju’s place, Mohan has made me away from Sarju, I did yes for marriage but after wearing this dress, I believed I m Sarju’s widow, so I m keeping this bridal dress here. Kusum gets shocked. Geeta goes.

Kusum recalls Geeta’s marriage and says so Geeta worn this red dress to fool me, I did not doubt on her, its good Mohan’s truth came out, not mine, everyone thinks Mohan did all murders. She worries.

Devanshi talks to her parents’ pic and says Mohan will get punished now, I know you both will get peace, I don’t understand when Mohan has killed you two and Sarju, why do I get red bangle dream, is there any woman involved with Mohan, tell me.

Vardaan says I wanted people to hit stones at Mohan and kill him. Rajjo says no, laws will punish Mohan. Nutan comes and says Malik has sent shagun for you. She asks the men to get the bangles. She shows shagun bangles and says there are all colors, red, green, blue and yellow, wear matching bangles like me. She asks man to give plate. The plates fall down by Nutan’s hand. They all get shocked.

Devanshi comes there and gets scared seeing red bangles. She says she has worn red bangles, I see the killer’s hand in dreams. Rajjo hugs her. Kusum comes and hears Devanshi. She gets worried and sees her bangles. Rajjo asks Devanshi to calm down. Devanshi says red bangles wearing hands have killed my parents. Geeta says maybe that Mohini, it was Mohan, who used to become Mohini. They all get shocked.

Geeta tells Kusum that this is Mohan’s truth, we all should know this, Mohan has worn woman’s clothes and became Mohini. He has fooled all of us till now. Nutan asks what, was it Mohan. Geeta says yes, its true, we got to know this because of Devanshi, we had no proof and had to be quiet, now Mohan is behind bars because of Devanshi.

Vardaan says there is something else which you don’t know, Mohan has pushed Devanshi in quicksand, I m sure Mohan has attacked Kusum, and Omi is bearing its punishment. Kusum starts acting and says what else did Mohan do, he should not get place even in hell, its good truth came out, why did I trust him. Devanshi says now I will not get bad dreams right, I get scared. Kusum asks what dreams. Devanshi says that hands wearing red bangles, the hands had blood stained knife. Kusum gets shocked and thinks how can she get such night dreams, she was a baby that time, how can this happen…..

Kusum meets Mohan. Mohan says if you don’t free me, I will tell world about our relation, and that you did wrong with Ishwar. Devanshi hears them and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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