Devanshi 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Devanshi sings lullaby for Kalki

Devanshi 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya coming to Kalki and saying I have come, I know you are Devi’s ansh, you know your state is by book’s opening, how will you get saved, I know you came to help Devanshi, but I came in between, how will you help her. Devanshi walks to the room, you can get fine if Devanshi lights diya, but I won’t let her do this, there will be just darkness here. Devanshi comes. Kalki gets up and smiles. Devanshi hugs her. Maya asks how did you get fine, you had fever. Kalki says I m fine. Pavan and Gopi get glad. Kalki says Devanshi saved me. Pavan asks Devanshi did she light diya in temple. Devanshi says yes, I have light a diya in poor people’s house by bringing light in their house.

She says I got power connection in poor people’s houses. Kalki asks Maya to see what Devanshi did. Maya thinks Devanshi is not Maiyya’s prime devotee, her belief didn’t return, my way will be clear. Nutan buts a costly medicine from a man to look younger. She asks him to get medicines for her always. Devanshi sings lullaby for Kalki and makes her sleep.

Devanshi gets same visual of a woman running to some clinic and gets up. She thinks what am I seeing and worries. Gopi tells Nutan that the man fooled her. Nutan cries.

Kalki comes to Maya and smiles. Kalki says you are thinking how I m here after the book opened. Maya says you can’t make me lose, I have devil with me. Kalki says I have Lord with me. Maya says you can’t win, back out. Kalki says time will show who will die and who will get saved, Maiyya is with Devanshi. Pavan says I think Maiyya is signing and wants to tell you something by signs. Devanshi asks him not to tell about Maiyya. She asks him to find about doctor. He says there is some secret which has to be revealed.

Kalki tells Maya that none can kill one whom Lord blesses. Maya says none can stop me from winning, when there is no Lord, there is no devotee, I will stand as wall between them, I will not let Devanshi return to Maiyya. Devanshi asks Pavan did his lecture on Maiyya end, please tell me you want to help me or not. Kalki says there is no one who stops a devotee from meeting Maiyya. Maya says I will stop this from happening. Devanshi thinks of Kalki and says even she is from that village, is my dream related to Kalki, she wants to find her baby, is that baby Kalki and that woman her mum, maybe Kalki, that woman and doctor are linked, this dream is troubling me a lot.

Kusum gets shocked hearing this and thinks its my doctor, if Devanshi reaches there, my secret will come out, I have to stop Devanshi from reaching him. She thinks is Kalki also Maiyya’s ansh. Maya comes and laughs. She tells Kusum that Kalki’s soul is pure, Lord blesses her, I know there are many things troubling you, I will talk to you on right time, Kalki is not Maiyya’s ansh.

Kalki prays to Maiyya and says now Lord has to convince devotee, as Lord is incomplete without devotee, you have to convince Devanshi. Maya sees Devanshi coming. She thinks I will not let you stand on feet, you can’t go to temple, you will fall down the stairs. She chants mantras to make her fall.

No Precap:
Maya asks are you thinking about me. Devanshi asks who are you. Maya says I m a devil avatar, I came to take revenge.

Update Credit to: Amena

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