Devanshi 29th September 2017 Written *Last* Episode Update: Devanshi marries Pavan

Devanshi 29th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi saying I will do Maiyya aarti once, before getting arrested. Devanshi does the aarti. Everyone starts coughing by smoke. Kalki says I m here. Devanshi looks for Kalki. She reaches her childhood. She jumps in the well. Everyone thinks Devanshi has lost to her life and jumped in well. Mohan says no, she has jumped in to save Kalki. Devanshi hugs Kalki and brings her out. Kalki says Kusum has locked me there. Devanshi asks inspector not to leave Kusum this time. Kusum asks everyone to move back. She takes the gun and points at them.

Gopi asks Kusum to leave the gun. Everyone gets worried. Devanshi goes to stop Kusum. Kusum drags Kalki and takes her. She points gun at Kalki and threatens to kill her. Devanshi takes a trishul and hits her. Kusum falls down and tries to get the gun. Devanshi gets angry and recalls the tortures by Kusum. She stops from killing her and asks her to come. She drags Kusum with her. She asks inspector to arrest Kusum. She shuts the temple door.

Devanshi tells everyone that truth has won, we have to get saved from evil. Gopi says good time is knocking the door, evil and bad has ended, tomorrow’s morning will bring a good time for Jwalapuri, we will start the day by doing remaining rasams of Devanshi and Pavan. Devanshi and Pavan dance on Nachdenge saare,…… Everyone dances with them. Devanshi and Pavan get haldi applied. Mohan apologises to them. He wishes them all the best and blesses them. Devanshi dresses as bride and comes. She sits in mandap with Pavan. Kalki does their ghatbandhan. pandit asks them to stand for rounds.

Pavan and Devanshi take wedding rounds. He makes her wear mangalsutra and fills indoor in her maang. pandit asks them to take elders blessings. Devanshi greets Maiyya. Devanshi and Pavan smile seeing each other.

The show ends on a happy ending.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Mica

    thank you Amena for very very fast update… happy weekend

  2. Mars

    Finally it got ended I m going to miss helllu so much I just started watching this show for hellu and she did a fabulous Job in this. She is such a versatile actor her performance was beyond praise. How she get completely indulge in the character is amazing.
    Will be waiting for her come back
    I m sure she will again come back soon and rock with her talent and skills.
    Love helly shah?????????

  3. Mars

    Amena dear thank you so much for your regular updates????

  4. Neptune

    Huff. So finally the show ended on a happy ending…. helly my princess, my baby, my warrior girl…

    Your expressions, your acting the way you lived Devanshi’s character was soooooooooooo beautiful….

    I love you loads and more …. and I pray that you will get a wonderful show one day with an amazing story line with a new concept and some amazing co-actor that you will definitely rock……

    Love you hellu… ????????????

  5. Hello everyone I used to watch this show at beginning it lost little interest not understanding anything like Vardan was the hero right then how did helly I mean Devonshire married pavan plzz reply

    1. Vardaan turned into a negative character and abused her and Pavan was always there for her so that’s how … If you read updates from before and watch previous episodes on YouTube you will see what I mean.

  6. Thank you soooo much for the update…..
    It ended on a happy note?
    Helly di did a great jod…her acting skills too good…love her so much… Just watched this show for her… Will miss hr a lot… Hope she come back soon with a bang ????

  7. Smiley010403

    So nice ending

    1. Shivika12345

      What is happening in it the last I saw was when Vardan apologised to devanshi . Now where’s Vardan

    2. Vardaan became negative and died, if you watch previous episodes you will find out.

  8. Hello guys how are you all?. Yes finally devanshi ended. Happy wala ending. I will miss helly a lot. Hope she come back soon. I will eagerly wait for her return..
    And guys mica, gayatri, anu, sanu, s, miss u all.

  9. Aleya.marzan

    bakwaas show ever . was best in first after this pawan it got spoilt. vardaan died n devanshi marries pawan whattta epic ending . hate u cvs .
    but helly n mudit, will miss u

  10. Not like it…
    I want to say somethink, about this show..this show ‘devanshi’ in the begning It was very nice..having with best story, after 14 year’s It was also so nice trio, vardaan- devanshi-sakshi bonding ohe, miss them..sister’s love. after 1 year’s leap someday’s going to nice but after in the show entering kalki’s character oh ho totelly mess,…and maya, bakwaas.. Never like it. Pawan was a nice guy as a devanshi’s friend, helper…but not like as a husbend of devanshi. Naaa no..Its all wrong happen…totally, Iam saying The last part of devanshi was so, so, worst..bakwaas…whats makers do??? Iam very bad feeling about the show..
    Only missing my Devdaan the best cute couple forever…Helly and Mudit they both are amezing with togather..I really from today gonna miss my he-mu..

    1. Aleya.marzan

      yees r8 u rrrr

  11. plz if I write somethink wrong than forgive me..Thanks so so much Amena di for such a beautiful .updates… u.

  12. On this page will miss u all my frnd’s…Saira, anu, s, sanu, neptune, mica, ohe ho angry mahira, and all of u….love u lots..

    1. MAHIRA

      Lol angry little thing i am ??

  13. Uff…finally it ended….its not happy ending for me….after that sindoor scene they changed the story n messed up everything…..they could have ended there….14 years love they spoiled in a minuts….cvs pls dont come with any show….if u cant keep backup plans….sonali mam appki jai ho….a epic ending…

  14. MAHIRA

    OK finished… No surprises of course ?????????
    I’m still believing that Mudit did something making makers go completely mad on him and promising him to destroy his image , they proved him that h’s not indispensable and they’ll bring someone else????
    Even kalki finished by having a father so she’s. Not adopted by devanshi
    Thé story could be much better if CVS have just took their rime in developping characters
    Bynow it’s time to wish all thé best for helly she deserves

    1. Mica

      hihihihi, 😛 😛 , if only you watched IV 😛 😛 , there was a ….., but ppl prefer blame Helly for everything as usual, than found it..they didn’t know that team makers are not only the lead female and her co-actors, but beyond that, there is directors, crews, other artist also na..
      This is my story, few years ago, i engaged on serial coz the lead female is my idol, suddenly, on the story, she gone ( on the story itself, her character kinda got plane accident and she was missing), then there was another actress roped a role claimed herself as the name of character ( on the story)..
      Fans, including me of course, bashed the director and that new actress sooo soo badly.
      Later, i came to know that my friend was the CVs of that serial, so i asked him about that matter.
      He said that my idol ( the lead female) got punishment from director as being undisciplined and too much complain (rebel) for a month.
      I asked about decreasing trp those time, and he said, on a teamwork, 1 person can affect all of team. So, we should wise enough to make decision. 🙂 🙂
      By that story, i don’t want to accused any of them.. but maybe people will rethinking again before blaming A, B, C..huh! what i’m blabbering 😀

      Btw, huh! we can crying more now… is that Kalki really mohan ‘s illegitimate child ? omg!!!! :'(

    2. MAHIRA

      Micu my stweetoo
      It’s so useless to blame actors they’re here to just be what makers ask them to do, if they’re good enough they’ll make US believe that they’re really thé rôle they’re présenting
      Even great actors can’t take a fil’ms success or failor on his shoulders it’s a whole machine
      And ofcourse personal issues are reasons of unexpected twists in stories a maker van destroy achatacter hé created if hé has problem with actor and it makes US suffer
      About kalki… Final message of serial: shameless charachterless bad and killer woman with an equal partner can have illigitimate extra marital relatioship and give birth to a child who is incarnation of Krishna (milk butter curing powers and surhuman force)
      Be honest and good hearted with a childhood love and you’ll lose jour child and love 🙁 ?????

  15. Yup that’s true…. they had fyt…it shows in interviews of mudith….N after the shoot kusum was there till final epi…but mudith went he was not there in anyone’s last pic….in last shooting day also….its not helly’s problem that he fyted with directors…immature ppl drag helly every where…..but mudith was happy working with helly….

    1. Mica

      Karuna mam is the choreographer for Helly and Piyush last dance, that why she was there.. hmm.. how about Nutan ? was she there also ?

  16. Yup that’s true. they had fyt. it shows in interviews of mudith. N after the shoot kusum was there till final epi. but mudith went he was not there in anyone’s last pic. in last shooting day also. its not helly’s problem that he fyted with directors. immature ppl drag helly every where. but mudith was happy working with helly.?lots of love to every one here. will meet u guys in helly’s next show.till then bye pray for helly. N vote for helly…

  17. Alina Pillay

    Not a happy ending at all. My heart never agreed to see Devanshi with anyone than Vardaan. They were childhood lovers. I was waiting for the story writers to change a little bit by bringing in the romance in between Devanshi and Vardaan. They totally went opposite. They killed Vardaan…. no no no… the ending was not right. 95% of the people will agree that Devanshi and Vardaan’s Jodi was awesome. Pawan was a friend… should have been a friend. We could have seen Devanshi for a while longer if we brought the masti back in between the “kuuan wala chora” and Hundi wali… ” smthng. So terribly heart broken… but who will listen. no point in saying now.

  18. Well by the way vardaan character was illustrated I wanted to kill him with my own hands long back……very very happy that in the end pawan and devanshi are together……..will miss my hellu…..hope you’ll come back with another show hellu…love u a lot

  19. Mica

    waaaa…. Devanshi’s TRP is closed on 0.4 point..does SSK replaced Devanshi ? i saw it’s TRP is 0.2 this week…

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