Devanshi 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo calling Kusum. Ashutosh says she went to do tapp, she will not carry her phone. She says whats wrong to take a chance, when Kusum knows this problem, she will come running to solve this. He asks her not to worry, trust Devanshi once. Rajjo says I trust Devanshi, but the situation in village is bad, she can’t stop this epidemic. Gopi sings bhajan. Devanshi runs to get the herbs and recalls the man’s words. She gets tired and stops at the well. She thinks to drink some water. She gets water from the well and it falls over the plants. The plants die by the well water. Ashutosh comes there and asks why did you run from temple, everyone is thinking you are wrong. Devanshi says I was going to get that magical flower by which I saved Ishwar.

He says they did not understand you and got annoyed, come with me, if you love me and trust me, come. She says I want to show you something, see this, well water fell on plants and they died. He asks what. She says yes, maybe the well water is bad, all the village gets water by this well, did they get unwell by the water. He thinks and says yes, you don’t drink this water. She says no one should drink this water till the water gets cleaned. He says great, you are really Maiyya’s ansh, now everyone will get fine, come. Mohan sees them leaving.

Devanshi goes to everyone and says this uncle will get fine. They all see Kusum emerging out of the well. Kusum blesses them. They all get shocked seeing Kusum flying in air. Gopi says my Mata has come hearing my call. They all chant her name and smile. Mohan smiles seeing Kusum. The lady asks Kusum to save her husband. Kusum says no need to get worry, I was in tapasya, but seeing your sorrow, I had to leave tapasya and come, Maiyya came to me and told me that the well water is impure, its poison that is making villagers ill, till I make it pure, no one will drink it. Everyone smile.

She tells the lady that her suhaag is fine, I won’t let anything happen to anyone. She asks the man to get the pot from temple. She gets the milk pot and pours milk on the ill man. The man gets fine and gets up. Everyone get shocked and smile. The man says you did miracle, Yamraj was infront of me, you saved me. They all chant her name. Lady thanks Kusum. Kusum says she will bless everyone. Devanshi says great, you made uncle fine in a moment, you are really big Mata. Gopi says sorry, this girl is not a Mata, Devanshi failed to save the village. Kusum says no, its not Devanshi’s mistake, its my mistake. I did mistake to understand Maiyya’s sign, Maiyya actually wanted me to keep Devanshi under my care, so that she can do good to village and save people. Sarla gets shocked. Kusum says Devanshi’s insult is my insult.

She goes to Sarla and says you did big mistake, you did not care for Devanshi like Devi’s ansh should be taken care of, Maiyya told me who is responsible for this. Rajjo agrees with Kusum, and tells that Devanshi was going to walk on burning coal that way when i reached her, and that day she saved Ishwar, Sarla did not apply ointment to her hands after going home. The lady says yes, Sarla scolds Devanshi and does not give her proper food. Devanshi says its a lie, Sarla loves me and takes care of me. Kusum says this is called Devi’s ansh, she is showing her greatness after such bad behavior, she is proving Sarla innocent.

She says I gave Sarla the responsibility, but Sarla used this hundi girl and opened new hundi at home, you took that money for your good, tell me where is that chadava, return the chadava to temple. The man says they bought land in neighbor village, how will they return money, Omi was drunk and told me everything. Kusum slaps Sarla and scolds her. She says I have come to save Devanshi from Sarla, this girl belongs to temple and Maiyya, so she will stay in this temple. Everyone get shocked. Mohan says what is she saying, she did not tell me about this decision. Omi says no, we can’t live without Devanshi. Kusum says be thankful I m not punishing you like last time, I will not stop myself if you create hurdle.

Ashutosh apologizes on Sarla’s behalf and says don;t make Devanshi away, I will take care of her. Kusum says its Maiyya’s command, the girl will stay happy and learn to walk on Dharm path by staying in temple, its for village’s good, the girl has to stay away from desires and money, so Sarla and family will get permission to meet the girl once a day in any servant’s presence. Sarla gets angry. Devanshi runs from there. They all look for her.

Sarla comes to temple. Kusum says you were seeing this throne, you were making little girl stand infront of me, see I made her my puppet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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