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Devanshi 28th March 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum laughing aloud. Her brother says I think big storm is going to come. Kusum says it can be bigger than the storm I created, I felt so happy hearing Devanshi’s screaming, Raavan was big Gyaani, but he had to die, but there is no one born to fail me, I proved it today. Sakshi cries thinking of Devanshi.

Vardaan wakes up and thinks of Devanshi. He sees the ashes and gets shocked. He moves the ashes with his hands and gets her ghungroo beads. He shouts Devanshi. He cries. He says Kusum snatched Devanshi from me 14 years ago, I did not say anything, today she snatched Devanshi forever, I will not be quiet, Kusum’s sinpot is full. He leaves.

Gopi says I informed villagers, they are gathering in temple. Golu says I did not find Vardaan. Kusum says we have to take

care of him, he has to understand this happened for his good. Gopi agrees. Vardaan comes and asks what good happened, that Devanshi turned to ashes, you are responsible for this.

He says how did you become such a big devil, how did you let her burn infront of eyes. Kusum says I know you love her, if she was with you, you would have died, I did not force her, she jumped in fire to get free of curse. He shouts shut up, don’t forget I m not your blind devotee, you are a liar. Kusum’s brother stops him and asks what’s this way to talk to mum. Vardaan holds his neck and asks who are you to talk between us. He pushes him. Kusum shouts on Vardaan.

Vardaan says you have fell low, now its my turn, you will get punished, stop me if you can. Servants stop him. Kusum and Gopi ask him to understand. Vardaan asks servants to move away. Servants refuse. He pushes the servants. Kusum’s brother attacks on his neck and makes him faint. He asks servants to lock Vardaan in room. Servants take Vardaan. Kusum says I did not wish to do this with him, I will pray to Maiyya that he understands everything happened for his good, we will go temple.

Devanshi is on the way and recalls Kusum’s crime confession. Kusum tells everyone that Devanshi did a big sacrifice, we should pay her honor. Everyone chant Kusum’s name. Devanshi reaches the temple and prays to Maiyya to help her in killing Kusum. She covers her face. Kusum and everyone close eyes and pray, while Gopi sings aarti.

Devanshi comes there with knife and goes to stab Kusum. Kusum’s brother comes to Kusum and tells something. Devanshi moves back. Kusum goes.

Kusum says how did this happened after 14 years, if he comes out, everything will come out, how did he get saved. Kusum’s brother asks the men to leave. He says we will kill him. She says no, we will let him be alive for some imp work. Devanshi looks on.

She falls down. Kusum turns to see. Devanshi hides. Kusum says he should not come in front of the world, else I have to leave world, we will kill him on right time. Devanshi asks who is he who knows her truth, Maiyya is stopping me from killing Kusum, maybe Maiyya wants me to save the person. Kusum says I won’t let him die without using him. The car leaves. Devanshi thinks to save the person and runs after the car. She follows the car. She sees the men leaving from car. She goes to check and does not see anyone. She says where did he go. She hears men coming and hides. The men leave in the car. She looks on.

Kusum says I went to do dhyaan so that Maiyya accepts Devanshi, tomorrow we will celebrate this festival and place a new hundi, you all donate with all your heart, we will invest money in this temple. She smiles seeing hundi and recalls Devanshi. She thinks this old hundi proved unlucky after Devanshi fell in this, I will get new hundi and your story will end. Devanshi thinks its tough to fight without any proof, I have to end superstitions and Kusum’s name, I will fail Kusum.

Kusum asks men to get new hundi. She asks men to let Vardaan see the hundi. She pours milk in the hundi. Devanshi comes out of the hundi. Vardaan and Kusum get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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