Devanshi 28th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 28th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Geeta lying to Kusum. She says I was going temple to get the pure diya for mehendi. Kusum says its Rajjo’s mehendi, not Jagrata at home, when I did not tell you, why are you going, everyone is doing as they want, you don’t respect me right. Jignesh and Vardaan see Mohan entering the temple. Mohan shuts the door. Vardaan calls Geeta. She disconnects call. Vardaan fears she is in problem. Geeta says what are you saying, we regard you as Maa. Kusum says fine, tell me, why are you taking Sarju’s pic, why are you going with Devanshi.

Geeta says I was thinking to frame Sarju’s pic, I was going to temple and thought to go shop for photo framing, I was just taking Devanshi along. Kusum asks her to come home, I don’t want anyone to disappear from home, even Mohan disappeared and Malik created a scene, do I need to explain you, you are mature, you both go inside home. Geeta and Devanshi go home. Kusum thinks Geeta is lying, I m sure, but why is she lying, I have to keep an eye on her, she disconnected someone’s call.

Jignesh says we don’t have time, Mohan went inside temple, I have to go to him, then he will say truth. Vardaan says wait for 2mins. He calls Geeta and says she disconnected again, why. Geeta says Devashi, we have to go any way, else we won’t be able to see Mohan’s truth. Nutan dances in mehendi. Devanshi runs and dances with her. She asks Rajjo to come and dance. She asks Kusum to come. Kusum stands while other ladies dance. Kusum gets headache.

Devanshi signs Geeta to go. Geeta goes. Devanshi also runs out. Geeta asks her to come fast, if Kusum sees us, it will be big problem. Devanshi says we are going to do big work, let me take Ishwar’s blessing. She goes to Ishwar and says its imp night, Mohan is going to confess his crime, he won’t trouble you now. Kusum sees Geeta and Devanshi gone, and thinks they are going to do something. Devanshi asks Ishwar to bless her. Kusum thinks they are still at home, and looks for them. Geeta asks Devanshi to hurry up. Devanshi asks Ishwar to bless her. Ishwar moves his hand. Devanshi keeps his hand over her head. Devanshi says now no one can fail us. Geeta worries seeing Kusum coming that way.

She rushes to Ishwar. Kusum enters Ishwar’s room. She does not see anyone except Ishwar. She gets dizzy. She thinks why is Ishwar smiling, where did Geeta and Devanshi go. Geeta and Devanshi hide and leave from window.

Mohan says Maiyya, I came to accept all my crimes, I don’t want to die, I m your servant since many years, forgive me. Vardaan’s phone gets off. Jignesh says we don’t have time, I have to do something. It starts thundering. Temple bells ring. Mohan gets worried seeing diyas blowing off and ringing bells. Jignesh finds way to enter temple, while Vardaan runs after him to stop. Mohan gets worried. He goes towards the door. Jignesh also reaches the door.

Mohan opens the door. Vardaan stops Jignesh and they hide. Mohan asks who is there, who is joking with me. The temple door gets shut. Mohan says what’s happening with me, open the door. He runs from there. Jignesh says Vardaan, come, he will run away. Vardaan says its fine, you wait. Mohan runs. Vardaan and Jignesh follow him. Vardaan says he is going towards old lake. Geeta and Devanshi come there. He asks why did you get late. Geeta says Kusum had doubt on us, we got hidden and came here by difficulty, Kusum would have not allowed us, I don’t want to take risk after getting close to truth. Vardaan says Mohan wanted to run out of village, but because of storm, he is going towards lake. Geeta says its Maiyya’s justice, its same lake where seven years ago, Sarju and Devanshi’s parents got killed, Maiyya wants Mohan’s death to happen there. Devanshi says the one who made me an orphan will get punished.

Mohan runs to the lake, while it starts raining. He stops and says its the same place where I did that crime seven years old, maybe Sarju’s spirit got me here. He shouts and apologizes to Sarju. Vardaan asks Jignesh to go now, its time to expose Mohan’s truth. Geeta, Devanshi and Vardaan hide. Jignesh takes a knife and goes to Mohan. Devanshi gets the memory flashes. Jignesh looks at Mohan. Mohan gets shocked. Vardaan records them.

Jignesh says I know what happened here, but today you will say the story yourself, if you hide anything, your life will go. He stumbles. Mohan picks the knife and asks will you kill me, I can’t die, you will die now. They get worried. Devanshi shouts he killed them. Vardaan and Geeta stop her. Jignesh says you can’t attack on spirit Mohan, but spirit can attack on you, your life is gone now. Mohan says no, I will accept everything, I will tell truth. He sits folding hands and closes eyes. He says seven years ago, I got you here and killed you, I killed even Devanshi’s dad, I m just a servant, the real culprit is…….They look on.

Mohan says the real culprit is Mata Kusum Sundari. Kusum scolds Mohan and asks did you not think its Geeta and Devanshi’s plan. Geeta, Devanshi, Jignesh and Vardaan come there. Kusum gets shocked and says Sarju…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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