Devanshi 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Maya enters Devanshi’s house

Devanshi 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum arguing with Nutan. She says I have to get that book, I have to stop Nutan first. Kalki makes a rangoli. Devanshi comes there and says you made a lovely rangoli, we will together make rangoli. Nutan asks Devanshi to see who was stealing at home, its such a shame, she was doing theft in her own house. Wind blows. Devanshi asks how did strong wind blow. Gopi says its time for eclipse, so this is happening. Kusum thinks is this happening because of that book, don’t know what is going to happen. Book opens. Someone comes in. Kalki sees the lemon chilli burning. She looks at the lady. Pavan hugs his sister Maya and asks how are you.

Kalki sees the flowers drying. Maya says I m fine. Pavan says she is my sister. Devanshi greets her. Pavan says she has raised me as a mum, and did mum and dad duties, she is Lord avatar for me, I worship her. Maya asks him who else will take her of him, she is just doing a sister’s duty. He says I remember everything, how you made me reach here. Devanshi takes her blessing. Maya makes a face. Devanshi welcomes her. Kalki gets color and throws on her. Devanshi asks what’s this misbehavior Kalki, apologize. Nutan scolds Kalki. She takes Kalki with her.

Devanshi says sorry, she is a kid. Pavan says sorry, she is Kalki, she is very lovely, how did you know I m here. Maya says I didn’t change my way, I m seeing your entire focus is on Devanshi, not me, I m your sister and will take care of you, I was joking, I didn’t know I will get you here, I came to give 50 lakhs cheque to Devanshi from govt side for defusing bomb and saving everyone. Nutan asks her to show cheque.

Maya says I have it, but I will not give it now, I have to see this house first. Pavan asks her to come. She stops at a room. Pavan says its Ishwar’s room. She says just a min and enters the room. Kalki comes with Devanshi. Kalki asks what are you finding. Devanshi says I got you to apologize to Maya. She makes Kalki apologize. Devanshi walks in and gets dizzy. Pavan asks what happened. Devanshi says don’t know I m feeling the same again. Maya says its fine, Pavan is there to take care of you.

She asks Kalki to come in. Kalki says I m everywhere and will always be. Kalki walks in. Devanshi feels better. Pavan asks Maya to stay for few days. Devanshi says yes, he is right. Kalki says but I think she is very busy in her work. Devanshi asks her not to talk between elders. Maya agrees to stay back. She sees Kalki and thinks I have identified you and you identified me, I won’t go till my work is done. She gives cheque to Devanshi. Vardaan takes cheque and says Kusum should get this money, she has right on it. Pavan asks what are you saying. Vardaan says I m saying truth, who is sure that Devanshi defused the bomb, Kusum has defused the bomb. Gopi asks what are you saying. Vardaan asks him not to talk in between. Kalki asks why did Kusum not defuse bomb before. Vardaan asks her to keep quiet. Devanshi scolds him.

He asks her to say if she defused bomb, her silence is her answer, Kusum defused bomb. Kusum smiles. Pavan asks Maya not to trust Kusum, she is a coward. Kusum asks him not to blame, Vardaan is saying true, I have pulled bomb wire. Maya asks Devanshi to say truth. Devanshi says I took wire in my hand, I got a shock, I don’t know whether I defused bomb or not. Pavan says you have done this. Kusum says I didn’t do this for greed, I have pulled the wire. Pavan says she is lying. Maya says I took a decision, they both have no proof, I have no option than believing Kusum, she gets the prize, I will give cheque to her. They get shocked. Maya thinks I can see Kusum’s lies and have to keep her with me.

Maya gets the book and challenges Maiyya to save her Jwalapuri. She asks Kalki how will you get saved. Devanshi comes and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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